100th Day of School Ideas (Just Had Our First One)

Today was the 100th day of school at my son’s school today. I had no idea this was a thing. The 100 days party apparently marks the fact that the kids have been in school a whole 100 days of the school year (also indicating that the year is more than half-way over, and that summer will be coming soon.

I went down to volunteer at the request of his teacher (he is in the first grade). The kids were SUPER jazzed about celebrating it, and I was really impressed by the amount of effort the teacher had put into planning for the “party” and all of the stuff they got to do in class that morning.

The school itself did not do anything globally, and it was up to each of the teachers to put his or her own spin on things.

My son’s teacher did the following:

  • She dressed up the entrance of the classroom so that the kids felt like there were entering a party
  • The kids colored a pre-printed 100 Days sheet and we made those into hats for the kids to wear during the party (stapled a hat band for each kid out of construction paper and then stapled the customized 100 onto each hat)
  • The kids counted out 100 beads and then made necklaces.
  • The kids wrote to 100 on a special number sheet.
  • We did a 100 days special snack, which started with a sheet of paper with several boxes laid out, and the kids were to count out 100 pieces of the various snack options into the boxes (the snacks were various kinds of cereal, small crackers like goldfish, and then some treats like mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, and m&ms.

After the kids finished all of this, they trotted out to recess to burn off their snack and us adults flopped. It was a lot of work to hustle 25 kids through all of these activities, especially the necklace portion because the beads went everywhere! (100 small beads is a lot of beads to keep track of for a 6-7 year old).

This is our first year in the public school system (coming from a private Montessori program). We’d never done the 100 days party. Now that we have, I’m collecting ideas for future 100 days of school parties, so I can support my kids’ teachers.

Here’s some ideas of the various ways to celebrate 100 days of school I’ve dug up so far (so I can look like the awesome pinterest mom in the future):

  • ask the kids to wear something to school with 100 on it
  • dress up like they are 100 years old
  • hand out certificates to all the kids marking the 100th day
  • have everyone put their handprint on a large sheet of paper until you have 100 fingers (or hands)
  • write a story of what it would be like to be 100

  • work to gather 100 cans of food for the local food bank
  • make something for the kids to wear with 100 on it (like make t-shirts)
  • have the kids as a group make 100 of something (like hearts, stars, snowflakes) and then hang them up (clothesline perhaps)
  • set up a photo booth, and let the kids take shots with 100 glasses or other props (100 days smarter, for example)
  • make words out the letters that make up the words “one hundred”
  • write down 100 words
  • make a 100 word story
  • make something out of 100 legos
  • do something physical (100 jumps, 100 steps, 100 yard dash)
  • try to get something done by the 100th day (100 books, 100 assignments, 100 new words, 100 kind acts)
  • stack 100 cups

  • count 100 of all kinds of things (crayons, Q-tips, marbles, etc)
  • do a show and tell of 100 things from home (legos, cars, pins, coins, pennies, rubber bands, bottle caps, bobby pins, cotton balls, stickers, puzzle pieces, beans, etc)
  • color a tree with 100 leaves
  • make a monster with 100 googley eyes
  • hide 100 of something in the classroom (with all the numbers written on them)

  • take pictures with the kids and edit it using an aging app to show them what they might look like at 100
  • draw pictures of what it will look like ot be 100
  • take pictures of the kids making 100 silly faces
  • pop 100 balloons
  • glue 100 goldfish onto a large construction paper fishbowl

  • glue 100 beans or other items into the shape of 100
  • teach tally marks up to 100
  • sow 100 buttons on a shirt
  • fruit loop/cheerios necklace (alternative to beads that can be eaten)
  • blow out 100 candles together
  • make a 100 chain long paper chain
  • make a tree out of 100 pretzels
  • big something with 100 empty milk jugs
  • make lunch into ones and zeros, or send food in the shape of ones and zeros (bagels, pretzels, dried apples, for example)
  • put together a 100 piece puzzle
  • make a list of 100 things the kids are thankful for
  • set up a row of 100 things (like dominoes, books, cereal boxes) and then knock them over
  • estimate how far 100 inches is, and see how close they are
  • invite people to the classroom in various stages of 100 (100 days, 100 weeks, 100 months, 100 years)
  • imagine what might exist (technology, for example) in 100 years

  • flip a coin 100 times and record the results
  • fill containers with various items and have the kids guess which one is 100
  • read books that have 100 in the title
  • make a 100 themed placemat
  • make 100 themed bookmarks
  • make a giant class banner for the 100th day
  • 100 square hopscotch
  • what can you draw in 100 seconds
  • all the various 100s color pages
  • any math activity counting by 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s to get to 100

  • play a game that was popular 100 years ago
  • eating something popular 100 years ago

This list is on-going, and I am going to save this article for myself to come back to in the coming years (as Lord knows I am not going to remember any of this until the night before the 100th day party).

What are your favorite 100 days of school ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

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