21+ Christmas Gifts for Kindergarten Students (Easy and Inexpensive)

 Kindergarteners love to receive gifts and this list is full of affordable ideas for Christmas. 

Getting gifts together for a large group of kindergarten students can be overwhelming and expensive, but the ideas on this list will help you find something that you can bag up and pass out. 

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Classroom Christmas Gifts for Kindergarten Students

Teachers, parent groups and coaches may want to provide a small Christmas gift for their students, but it can be expensive. 

Use these tips for finding the perfect gift. 

Tips for Classroom Gifts

Customize any small gifts with children’s names or add a personal card to a small piece of candy or food. 

The personal touch can make a small gift more meaningful. 

Buying a bulk pack of toys will make it more affordable, so keep all the gifts the same.

Party favors are often sold in bulk packs. 

Ideas for Classroom Gifts

  • Stickers -Between Amazon or Etsy you can find some very specific stickers that will put a smile on little faces. 
  • Bookmarks – Print bookmarks with a special saying or picture and write a note on the back of each one. The new readers will love having a bookmark of their own. 
  • Party Bubbles – A big box of party bubbles is reasonable and you can print a pretty label and head outside (weather permitting) to enjoy the bubbles.  
  • Books- Ask your librarian about ordering bulk copies of a favorite book. There are often opportunities around book fair time to redeem earned points for free books. 
  • Rewards – You may choose to offer a reward to students as a gift. Extra recess time, a special coloring page or a favorite recess game can be a great free gift idea. 

Classroom Gifts for Kindergarten Students to Make

Crafts are a great holiday activity to keep bored students engaged. 

Choose a holiday craft that focuses on the winter weather and the joy of the season. 

These crafts will be cherished by parents who receive them. 

Snowman Bead Ornaments are wonderful and affordable. These cute little guys have stuck around our house for years and they are also not breakable! 

You can give your class choices with this large pack of wooden ornaments can be decorated simply with crayons or markers or more complex set up with glitter, beads, pom poms or paint.  

A gratitude chain created over a few days can be a lasting and meaningful way for your child to tell their caretakers how much they appreciate them. 

Paper snowflakes can be a great way to practice scissor skills and make beautiful classroom decorations. 

Salt painted pictures can be a fun way to create a snowy scene as a Christmas gift to bring home. 

You can also scroll through the craft kits on Amazon for bulk materials.

Cheap Gifts for Kindergarten Students

These gifts are the best on Amazon and they come in at less than a dollar per child.

You can pair a few together to make a great gift bag. 

Grab the clear plastic favor bags at the dollar tree and some ribbon for a really special gift. 

Rainbow colored bubble tubes come in very far below budget and the cheery colors will be a big hit. Bring these outside as they spill very easily. 

Fidget keychains are another small beautiful gift for kindergarten students.

These little pop keychains are perfect for little fingers and backpack zippers.

Small plush animals are also an option with this pack of 30 animals.

Children can pick their favorites from a treasure box or you can select the one that seems just right for each child. 

Playdoh is a classic and you can get a decent sized box of small containers for a reasonable price.

Children can bring this scratch off bookmark craft home to keep their little hands busy during the break.

These scratch off notebooks are a bit more, but are a substantial gift for the whole class. 

Pencils and stacking crayons are practical gifts when school supplies may be running low in your classroom.

It is very affordable to order some customized pencils for a special touch. 

Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students

Finding gifts for your 5 year old can be overwhelming.

Children at 5 years old generally have developed interests that they love to share. 

Match your child’s gifts to their interests for a memorable gift and a big smile. 

Building Gifts

Couch cushion forts are fun, but these 6+ feet tall cardboard fort building kits are next level fort building. 

Legos have a huge variety of kits for every interest and if you have a tub full of legos already taking up real estate at your home you can take it to the next level by getting Lego organizers and making an epic Lego workspace

Art Gifts

Your crafter will love this huge craft supply bucket that contains all types of supplies to create projects and decorate crafts. 

If kits are more your speed, this water globe creation kit will make a fun afternoon project.

The result is a very pretty display for a bedroom or window sill. 

Book Gifts

Your child is likely beginning to read!

This exciting new skill is a big milestone.

Encourage your new reader with a few new books. 

The Scholastic Buddy Reader Series is designed for parents to read with their child as they grow in vocabulary. These stores are more complex than they could read on their own making them very exciting. 

Mo Willems is an amazing author for young children, if you have not introduced Elephant and Piggy, these hilarious books will be a great addition to your home library.

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