My Child Has No Sense of Danger – HELP

my child has no sense of danger

Are you freaking out because your child scares the heck out of you all the time? Does he seem constantly in danger of death or dismemberment? Some kids seem to have no fear whatsoever. There’s no way to tell how a child is going to turn out, whether they will be cautious or headstrong. But … Read more

Babying Your Child: Parents, Get Out Of the Way!

woman standing next to child in front of wind energy turbine

I have a feeling you are reading this article right now because you are worried that you are over parenting your little one, or someone else has accused you of doing it. Or maybe you have or know of a child who needs a little more space to grow. I’m a mom of three, with … Read more

Good Comebacks for Kids (50+ Clean Options To Try)

boy looking down at a cellphone

There are many reasons kids might want to have a good comeback cued up and ready to go. Perhaps your child is a funny kid, the class clown, and wants to defend that reputation with only the sharpest responses (which can’t always be prepared on the fly). Or, perhaps your child is vulnerable in some … Read more

Why does my child cry for no reason?

close up of baby crying

Children cry a lot. At all ages. Definitely more when they are younger, but the tears don’t stop for years. There are many reasons why kids cry, and sometimes, it might seem to a parent or caregiver that there is no reason at all. This is especially true of infants, who take up screaming around … Read more