When is it safe to feed baby rice cereal?

baby sitting in high chair, mother holding a spoon of food up to his mouth

Wow, this is a challenging question to get a definitive answer on. You will find multiple thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on this question. Further, you’ll see that most of these thoughts, opinions, and perspectives….ALL DIFFER! 4 months? 3 months? 6 months? 7 months? Seriously? What is a first time parent supposed to do? I can … Read more

My Kids Pee in My Bed (UUUUGGHHHH)

girl sleeping with teddy bear in arms

Have kids, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. They’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you, they said. So I went ahead and had kids. Three of them. And one by one, we’ve been going through the potty training phase. Funny enough, the potty training phase matches up pretty well with the … Read more

How Do I Teach My Son To Be a Gentleman?

my child has no sense of danger

I wish that there were more people reading this article. These days, it almost feels like the very idea of raising a son to be a gentleman is outdated. There is a strong focus these days about bringing up our daughters to be strong and confident, and to teach our sons to respect women’s boundaries. … Read more

How to Teach My Toddler Not to Hit Me

fear based parenting

Toddler hitting is a challenge, no matter who they are hitting. The baby sitter, their little baby brother or sister, dad, mom, grandparents. For the parent, toddler hitting brings out a lot of feelings. Hurt/pain (especially when you really get nailed), frustration (because the behavior won’t stop) and also embarrassment, as other people see your … Read more

HOW TO GO SCREEN FREE (We did, and you should, too)

There are a lot of children these days who spend way too much time in front of a screen. I don’t have to be any sort of parenting expert, doctor, or educator to confidently say that there are a lot of kids who spend too much time in front of a screen. They are everywhere! … Read more

Babies 18 Months Apart (I SURVIVED)

Toddler Language Development Activities

My sons are close to 18 months apart. Actually, if we want to get technical and I use my tired mom brain to do the math…..they are 16 months apart. Ugh! 16 months! My head hurts just thinking about it. What was I thinking? In hindsight, I can tell you that I am grateful that … Read more

My Kids Don’t Do After School Activities (MOM RANT)

girl swinging on swing in green yard

I feel a bit like I’m going against the grain here. The pressure is on now for parents to put their kids in after school sports, dance, clubs, tutoring, enrichment. It goes on and on. And often it seems like the parents who are doing it, who are signing up their kids for martial arts … Read more

Star Wars Quotes About Parenting (That Pretty Much Sum It Up)

Ah, Star Wars. I’m in the middle of introducing my children to the Star Wars universe. They are a little young for the movies….they can’t really handle intense scenes, even the ones that we see in innocuous cartoons. But I just can’t wait to start teaching them about the universe and the characters….so we’ve been … Read more

I Love My Children (50+ Quotes and Sayings)

i want to adopt but I'm scared

I have three children. I love them more than anything in the world. And I’m not just saying that. It’s the truth. There’s nothing I love more than those children. I can’t even quantify it. Sometimes that love is hard to put into words. This is why I’ve put together this epic post of all … Read more