What is Fear-Based Parenting, and am I using it?

fear based parenting

Fear-based parenting is supposedly becoming an outdated style of raising kids. In this style, parents manage their children primarily through intimidation, criticism, disapproval, and punishments. When people think of fear-based parenting, I think they primarily zero in on parenting tactics that are abusive, or borderline abusive. Spanking, slapping a child in the face, grabbing forcefully, … Read more

How to Help a Jealous Child

help jealous child

Let’s be clear from the get-go what we are talking about here. If you are searching for how to help a jealous child, it is important to be clear what the goal is. Do you want to keep the child from feeling jealousy? Or are you trying to help a child who is feeling jealous … Read more

Characteristics of a Good Father

characteristics of a good father

All right dads, this post is for you. And moms, you’re not getting a pass either! Sometimes I know some of the articles we post touch on heavy topics. I know being a dad is not a light topic either, but let’s lighten this one up a little. Because I know my dad would like … Read more

Difference Between Daycare and Preschool: A Parent’s Guide

Our children are the most important thing to us. When it comes to their care, nothing could be more stressful. Many parents value their children’s education and would rather send their child to preschool over a daycare. The problem is that in many states that the difference is so nuanced that childcare options can call … Read more

Intuitive Parenting: I Found a Way to Reach My Child

Stories About Resilience For Kids

Intuitive Parenting is a hotly debated topic right now. Debra J Snyder’s book Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart describes her own journey against difficult odds to become an Intuitive Parent. Its discussions on telepathic communication on a deep level between parent and child seem out there and fringe to some. She … Read more