Teaching Kids Respect Starts With Us (the parents)

teaching kids respect

R-E-S-P-E-C-T – we all know how the song goes. But it doesn’t always go to plan when parenting. Because respect is learned, it’s up to us as parents to ingrain that level of behavior in our children. Likewise, our kids also see it in our own words and actions. Respect is more than a noble … Read more

Strong Willed Child: A Survival Guide

Strong Willed Child

You’re wanting your child to be strong, independent, and a leader. These are all good traits. But they do come at a cost. Truthfully, that cost is your patience as a parent. Raising a strong willed child is not easy. However, the benefits are undeniably beyond merit. That strong will that challenges you will serve … Read more

When to Start Disciplining Baby?

When to Start Disciplining Baby

Hey everybody, today I’m trying out a new thing. Instead of sitting in front of my computer and typing out a post like normal, I am multitasking. My kids are at an event and I only have enough time to either work out, or write a blog post. So instead of choosing between them, today … Read more

How to Stop Yelling at My Kids? (A Parent’s Cry For Help)

How to Stop Yelling at My Kids

It’s hard maintaining order when your kids run rampant over every request you make to them. If you have found yourself yelling to get their attention, then you’re not alone. But if you’re yelling at your kids, can it be doing other harm? All parents struggle to keep the attention of their children. Some are … Read more

How Chess Imitates Life (in parenting)

How Chess Imitates Life

Parenting: it’s always one decision after another. And sometimes there is little time to think them through. First, a situation arrives. Make your move. Check. Then, the reaction. Whether it’s from your little one their school or caregiver, you’re on to address the situation again. Sometimes, parenting backs us into a corner. Check mate. As … Read more

How to Help An Angry Child

how to help an angry child

Right out of the gate you have to do two things. If you are dealing with an angry child, the first thing you need to do is stop and take a big deep breath. When your child’s emotions are high, it is pretty easy to get ramped up yourself. Your child is in chaos, doesn’t … Read more

How to Help a Child Charged with a Crime

help child charged with a crime

First and foremost, this post is does not contain legal advice, nor should you consider it to be legal advice. If you have questions of a legal nature, contact an attorney in your local jurisdiction. While this post was written by a former lawyer, the focus of this post is about helping a child, not … Read more

How To Help Your Child Develop His Inner Artist

raising an artistic child

I could have been an artist. Adults like to put kids into neat and tidy packages. Can you draw that hand? If so, you are an artist. If not, you aren’t. Art doesn’t really come in tidy packages, and there are tons of ways to be an artist. I would argue that every child is … Read more

How to Make a Toddler Independent

how to make toddler independent

If you are the parents of a child who is 12 to 18 months, you may notice that the child is completely stuck to you, not just around you, but physically is always touching you. There is some rapid growth happening in their brains around this time. Physically they are becoming more able. Emotionally they … Read more