End of the Year Gifts for Kindergarten Students (Ideas-Easy and Inexpensive)

Kindergarten students and their families will cherish the gifts they receive at the end of the year.

Find inexpensive and meaningful gift ideas on the list to help students mark this transition. 

Take this opportunity to celebrate the students’ growth in the year and help them extend learning at home. 

End of the year gifts are a great way to send students off into the summer and on to bigger and better things. 

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Classroom End of the Year Gifts for Kindergarten Students

Students grow so much in kindergarten and teachers and caretakers get to see that growth! Help them mark that transition with a personalized gift. 

These affordable gifts will be treasured by students and families. 


Giving a special award to each student will give them each a moment to be celebrated. 

Classroom awards can be academic, social or behavioral. 

Soaring Reader

Number Ninja

Super Sharer 

Print these certificates on beautiful paper and they will be tucked away or proudly displayed in homes. 


Giving your students a book is a great way to promote literacy at home and create a sweet memory with a note inside the front cover. 

Great end of the year book choices:

Goodbye for Now

A Letter from Your Teacher On the Last Day Of School

The Last Day Blues

I Knew You Could

You can buy multipacks directly from Scholastic if you find a title you like.  


A small journal that has a note from you in the front is a great way to encourage reflection and writing during the summer months. 

These kraft paper notebooks come in a large pack and can be easily personalized with a school mascot or special sticker.  


This multipack of classroom ribbons makes a simple award feel more special.

You can find quite a few options available or order some custom awards. 

The linked pack has a good selection of phrases printed on the ribbons that are broad enough that you will find something for everyone. 

Personal Card

A simple card with a note can be a really great way to mark the end of the year. 

Expect to shed a few tears as you reflect on how each student has grown and changed over the year.

Keep a supply of blank card, like these beautiful colored cards with envelopes or you can order personalized cards. 

You can also choose a sweet design like these kindergarten graduation cards with a smiling star. 


Class t-shirts are adorable and very memorable. 

Usually it is cheaper to buy a large number of t-shirts, so this is an idea to pitch to your school leadership or PTA. 

Have students sign each other’s shirts and they will be great keepsakes for many years to come. 

Personalized End of the Year Gifts 

Putting a student’s name on a gift makes it instantly more special. 

You can choose to personalize items for each student or for the whole class. 

A large box of pencils that says Mrs. William’s Winners will be an affordable and meaningful gift. 

There are a lot of options for personalized gifts, and these are perfect for kindergarteners.

School Supplies

Personalized school supplies are sweet and practical. These gifts can remind your student of their academic success as they work on difficult assignments. 

You can order personalized versions of: 

String Backpacks








T-Shirts and Lanyards are a great way to show and build school pride.

Some schools create these shirts each year for students, but if yours does not, it will be a great gift. 

Don’t stop at shirts! There are plenty of other wearable gift options for your class. 





If your school celebrates a Field Day at the end of the year, that might be a great day to give out these wearable gifts. 


Take after Little League and hand out trophies or metals.

Some local shops may even consider sponsoring your field day or end of the year party and provide these awards. 

You may choose to make them all the same or customize them for each child. 






Personalized gifts are easy to order, but they often take some time to be delivered, so plan ahead. 

Local stores may be able to do the work more quickly, so call around. 

Inexpensive End of the Year Gifts from Teacher 

Large classes can make end of the year gifts very expensive. 

These options won’t break the bank:

Play Doh

This large pack of PlayDoh is very affordable, putting it together with a note is a sweet gift that they can play with when they get home. 

Put the Play Doh in a small bag with a note about how the child has grown and changed over the year. 

Bookmark Craft

Sending home an activity that they can do at home is a great way to extend the learning time. 

This large set of scratch off bookmarks are great for the emerging writers who can practice a pencil grip. 


Bubbles are a very affordable party favor that is available all over.

This crayon shaped set on Amazon would be a great end of the year gift. 

Pair it with a note about how the child “Blew You Away” this year and you have a very sweet memorable gift. 

Fidget Keychains

Bubble pop fidgets are very calming in little hands.

Large packs are available as party favors and they come in different shapes and styles. 

This small version of bubble pop fidgets fits great in kindergarten hands and can easily attach to backpack zipper pulls. 


Yikes! The future is BRIGHT for these students, help protect their eyes with these party favor sunglasses

This is a great practical gift as the students start their summer adventures and you can pair it with a personalized note on these blank neon cards with envelopes for a BRIGHT themed send off. 


Encourage your students to SOAR into the future with these small glider planes

Take some time to assemble the gliders in the classroom then head out to the playground to fly the planes.

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