My Son Dropped Out of College. Now what?

my son dropped out of college

Some of the hardest parenting moments I’ve ever had are the ones where I just have to sit back and watch my children make their own decisions. In most of the situations, I felt like I knew best what she should do. And it was downright PAINFUL to watch her choose the opposite of what … Read more

My Child is Failing Kindergarten: Should I Worry or Not?

child failing kindergarten

Is your child failing kindergarten? If you are searching this query, then something must be happening in your life to cause it. Likely your child is currently in kindergarten and is struggling. Maybe you are meeting the teacher at pick-up time every day with a negative or troubling report. Or perhaps your child isn’t making … Read more

How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an iPhone

Look, I am a parent. My kids are approaching the age where they know and understand what phones are, and that phones are AWESOME. As a parent, knowing the problems that phones cause for ME as an adult, I am nervous about putting the same device in their hands. But IF my child were to … Read more

Is Rowing Hard to Learn? (Coach’s Perspective)

close up view of a single sculler

Rowing is challenging, I’m not going to lie. I personally love the sport of rowing, having been a part of it for many years (albeit a few years back). I participated on a crew team in college and then worked with various clubs for years before settling on my professional career, which sadly, paid more … Read more

Is Quickbooks Hard to Learn? (My Experience)

computer sitting on a desk with a report on the screen

Alright folks, I am in the process of learning Quickbooks on the fly. I have very little schooling or learning about bookkeeping, accounting, or managing a business large enough to need Quickbooks. I have little kids at home, so a full-time job in my old profession isn’t an option. Recently, someone offered me a part … Read more

Transitioning Back to Work (Just Started)

woman sitting at a podcast mic

Alright Moms and Dads…the day has arrived. After many months at home, no working at a paying job (goodness knows I worked plenty at home as a full-time mom), I just started a part-time job. It was comical, in a way. The last time I actually applied for a job was in the previous decade, … Read more