Is Quickbooks Hard to Learn? (My Experience)

computer sitting on a desk with a report on the screen

Alright folks, I am in the process of learning Quickbooks on the fly. I have very little schooling or learning about bookkeeping, accounting, or managing a business large enough to need Quickbooks. I have little kids at home, so a full-time job in my old profession isn’t an option. Recently, someone offered me a part … Read more

Transitioning Back to Work (I Just Started)

woman sitting at a podcast mic

Alright Moms and Dads…the day has arrived. After many months at home, no working at a paying job (goodness knows I worked plenty at home as a full-time mom), I just started a part-time job. This is the story of my transitioning back to work. It was comical, in a way. The last time I … Read more

How to Respond to “Why Are You So Beautiful?”

It can be difficult to respond to compliments, especially when it comes out of nowhere. I especially struggle with any sort of comment on my appearance, and I usually brush them off. Though as I get older and more wrinkly I may become more gracious about it. In this article, we’ll give you tons of … Read more

Decluttering Kids Toys (HOW I DID IT AND YOU CAN TOO)

I went for years without purging toys. I have three kids, after all. When my older children aged out of the toys, I couldn’t stand the idea of getting rid of them. But eventually, the toys situation became critical. And I had to take action. And I’ve never regretted it. More Toys is Not Better … Read more

We Got Sick at Great Wolf Lodge (Never Going Back)

I’m not writing this post to bash on Great Wolf Lodge. After all, any time or place, where thousands of people congregate, is going to have germs. So this post isn’t a “bash” type post. I am not claiming that the company did or didn’t do something that caused us to get sick. But the … Read more

Affirmations for Anger Management

I have struggled with anger in recent years. The thing I hate about my anger as a mother is that it erupts, sometimes randomly. I have always prided myself on my mental discipline, and positivity. Obviously with my anger I have been failing. In looking for ways to work on my anger, I came across … Read more

How To Let Go of Hatred For Someone

Alright everyone. This one is a personal one. The honest truth is that in my life, I’d never really hated anyone. I’d definitely disliked people. I’d really disliked people. But I never hated anyone. But then I did. I hated someone. I hated them with every fiber of my being. I hated them so much … Read more

Cheeky Questions To Ask A Guy (That Anyone Can Use)

Sometimes it is hard to know just what to say when you are getting to know someone, especially if you think that you might really like them. This is especially the case if you haven’t really spoken to the (young) man before, and you really want to make an impression upon him. You can ask … Read more

How to Overcome Yourself

woman looking into a mirror at herself

One of the greatest challenges in life is figuring out how to overcome yourself. In general, WE are our greatest challenges. Our greatest hurdles. Our greatest and more significant enemies. We can find kindness for the most wicked and pathetic wretch, and yet save little or none of that same positivity for ourselves. We’ll work … Read more