Affirmations for Anger Management

I have struggled with anger in recent years. The thing I hate about my anger as a mother is that it erupts, sometimes randomly. I have always prided myself on my mental discipline, and positivity. Obviously with my anger I have been failing. In looking for ways to work on my anger, I came across … Read more

How to Overcome Yourself

woman looking into a mirror at herself

One of the greatest challenges in life is figuring out how to overcome yourself. In general, WE are our greatest challenges. Our greatest hurdles. Our greatest and more significant enemies. We can find kindness for the most wicked and pathetic wretch, and yet save little or none of that same positivity for ourselves. We’ll work … Read more

Is it bad to be an Introvert?

woman looking at window with hand on chin

I don’t think it bad to be an introvert. If I am honest with myself (which I do as often as I can), I am an introvert. One with the ability to exhibit the characteristics and skills of an extrovert, only with the expenditure of great energy and effort. I find that when I am … Read more

Is It Okay To Shave Your Face?

I came across this question recently, and in answering it, I am making the assumption that this is a question coming from a person who does not otherwise grow what we might consider standard male facial hair. So perhaps, you are a female or any age, a male who does not, or maybe does not … Read more