How to Respond to “Why Are You So Beautiful?”

It can be difficult to respond to compliments, especially when it comes out of nowhere. I especially struggle with any sort of comment on my appearance, and I usually brush them off.

Though as I get older and more wrinkly I may become more gracious about it.

In this article, we’ll give you tons of ideas of responses you can use when you need a “Why So Beautiful” reply.

First and foremost, the “why ” part of this maybe-compliment (or pick up line) is challenging, because it really isn’t a question. I mean, it is, but they aren’t really looking for an extensive explanation for why you look the way you do.

Here’s a few options:

  • I drink milk.
  • God loves me.
  • Genetic engineering.
  • I wear sunscreen.
  • Am I? I hadn’t noticed.

  • Is that a pick up line?
  • Are you really looking for an explanation?
  • Do you want the long or short answer?
  • Magic.
  • I’m a witch.

  • I take good care of my skin.
  • Great genes.
  • Have you seen my parents?
  • Hard work pays off.
  • I had plastic surgery.
  • I know, right?!?!
  • I don’t know, can you tell me?
  • How many drinks have you had?
  • Great question, I ask myself the same thing.
  • Shut up baby, you know it.

  • You know what? I like you.
  • I woke up like this.
  • Is that the best you’ve got?
  • Genie granted all my wishes.
  • Buy this man a drink!

  • Human sacrifice, lot of human sacrifice.
  • Will you marry me?
  • It’s really too bad. I’m not into shallow guys.
  • You would be really attractive if you didn’t speak.
  • Your comments make you look stupid.

  • Sorry, I was just thinking about how awesome my hair is looking today. What did you say?
  • Look at them and say “Heave Ho.” Because if they are going to say ridiculous things, you should feel free to do the same.
  • I grew myself.
  • Watch out, I’m too hot for you.
  • Are you drooling?

  • You are not the first one to ask me that today.
  • You know, flattery will get you everywhere.
  • Don’t worry about it, the spell runs out at midnight.
  • I can’t help it.
  • I see that your eyes are very good.
  • Puberty was kind to me.
  • Look who is talking?
  • I’m a hypnotist… seems to be working.
  • I’m made of sprinkles and rainbows.
  • I got bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • Why else? For you to look at?

  • The answer to that question is complicated.
  • It’s just me.
  • Practice. Lots of practice.
  • You might need glasses.
  • God made me this way.

  • You know, I have been wondering the same exact thing myself!
  • I got it from my mama.
  • I know myself.
  • LOL, I have no idea.
  • Aw shucks, you are making me blush.
  • I always feel more intelligent after talking to you.
  • The village called for you. They’d like their idiot back.
  • That, Sir, is none of your business.
  • Did you mean great in bed? Yes, yes I am.
  • No.
  • God only lets things grow until they are perfect. Some people just take longer than others.
  • No idea, I never thought I’d get this far.
  • Let me ask you a question…do you even lift?
  • I have a brain, that’s why.
  • Some days I amaze myself.
  • It would be cool to see things from your perspective.

You could also just thank the person for what is obviously a compliment and then move on. Probably more gracious than some of the responses above (which are meant to be all kinds of funny, or rude, or even silly).

Then….there is the internets…

Of course, your response could also depend upon whether the line was delivered to you in person, or over the internet, via SMS text, Facebook messenger, Instagram comments or DMs, or in comments on your Youtube/TikTok videos.

In general, I think we are comfortable saying things over the internet that we would never feel comfortable saying to other people’s faces. But the internet (and also the use of fat thumbs to type messages) means that you can feel free to ignore social conventions and respond briefly, or with emojis, or just completely ignore the message.

It is pretty common to see the following in response to comments about appearance on social media content posts:

  • Thanks, Thx, THX or any variation of it.
  • Emojis of any kind without any other explanation

Or you can just block them if you think the comments are harassing.

Here’s the thing though…comments on social media (and other internet properties) are going to be around for a while, even if you try to delete them later. People take screen shots or even print out the page to save stuff they think will get deleted later.

If someone is making comments on your appearance and you don’t like it or you feel bothered, just remember that how you respond can and will impact other members of your audience who are also in your comments section.

Summary: try to keep it calm and classy. If the person making comments takes it to the level of harassment, consider reporting the account to the company along with the messages. It is highly likely that a person who is willing to do or say things like that to you is also doing or saying them to other people.

If you are a guy or gal out there looking for a better pickup line than “Why are you so beautiful?” try a few of these:

  • My friends bet me that I wouldn’t have to guts to start a conversation with the best looking girl in the bar. What should we buy with their money?
  • There’s something wrong with my phone…..your number isn’t in it.
  • Pineapple on your pizza? Yes or no?
  • What would you do if you won the lottery?
  • Five years from now, what do you see yourself doing?

  • Well, here I am. What are your next two wishes.
  • Oh my God, I was going to wear that outfit tonight!
  • Can you watch my drink? I’ve got to keep people from taking advantage tonight.
  • You have a big smile on your face, what happened to put it there?

What are your favorite lines to use (online and offline)? Let us know in the comments section below.