Funny Responses to “How Dare You”

man and woman sitting in chairs talking

“How dare you” was the go-to response of a colleague/friend of mine back in the day. I swear it, no one could be funnier than that guy in the office. He delivered the line so well, generally puffed up full of fake indignation, as though he truly was offended. It never failed to make us … Read more

Funny Responses to “What Are You Doing?”

I love having something witty, funny, or even sarcastic cued up in response to one of the most common questions asked in any given day. In this post, we’ll throw out tons of ways you can tackle this question, from funny to maybe even downright rude. These responses can also be used in response to … Read more

Good Comebacks for Vegetarians

People love to make fun of vegetarians! Most of the time, they take the gentle (or not so gentle) ribbing calmly, without firing anything back. Or maybe they are thrown the same questions every vegetarian (or even vegan) receives, such as “why don’t you eat meat?” and “What do you eat?” and “where do you … Read more