Making Money Blogging As a Beginner (My Story)

Looking to get started blogging? In this post, you’ll hear my story, and learn from my mistakes. Making Money Blogging As a Beginner (My Experience) In April of 2019, I decided to start a blog.  Well, I should say, a new blog. In fact, the very blog we are talking about is this one, right … Read more

Homeschooling: You-Can-Do-This FAQs


Thinking about homeschooling? We’ve answered 30 of the most common burning questions parents are asking about homeschooling. Can I teach my own children at home without any official teaching experience? Homeschooling can be very intimidating at first, especially if you are a parent who was not homeschooled yourself. You likely attended K-12 at a regular … Read more

Cord Tissue Banking Pros and Cons

Cord Tissue Banking Pros and Cons

Decisions, decisions. It seemed like pregnancy was all about decisions. Like, breastmilk or formula? I would second guess every decision made. Because there was so much happening, so fast. Nine months. Not a very long time. Considering I had taken two years to plan my wedding. Some decisions were easy: I chose to birth in … Read more