50+ Mom’s Night Out Ideas (Because We Need To Have Fun Too!!)

I am a mom, and last night, wonder of all wonders, I took a break from my kids and my life and went out with another mom. Both of us have small children (we met because our sons recently made friends in their first grade class). We also both have smaller children who are not yet enrolled in any sort of preschool or other programs.

We see each other all the time….at school, after school, play dates, birthday parties. But ALWAYS with our kids.

So this week, we decided that we were going to bust out and DO SOMETHING without the children. My youngest child is closing on three here in a few months, so we’ve already weaned, potty trained, learned how to eat, talk, etc. My friend (let’s call her Sarah) is not quite that far, as her son is only 18 months. He is still nursing, and Sarah pretty much has him with her 24-7.

So leaving the house without him last night to do something on her own was a really big deal. The goodbyes took forever, she kept kissing them, hugging them, reassuring them that she’d be back soon. When in all likelihood, she was reassuring herself that they’d be there when she got home.

And then we walked out of the house….free!

But then I realized….we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. It has been months, no, maybe years, since I had been in a place where I could do whatever I wanted, without having to worry about a little person needing something. We could do anything!

But what?

We ended up doing I think what a lot of people end up doing…we went to a nearby restaurant, ordered some food that was so-so, and then just talked. The drinks were meh, the food was okay, but the talks….that part was awesome.

And when we walked out of the restaurant, we resolved to go out again, and soon. But as I got in my car, I thought, is this our only option? Could we do better? So I came home, put on my pajamas, and started to do some research.

This post (with all of my ideas for my future mom’s night outs) is the result.

Here we go.

Activities you’ve probably thought of already

Let’s get these out of the way:

  • Getting food of any kind (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks)
  • Getting some kind of drink (coffee, smoothie, alcoholic beverage) at a restaurant, brewery, club, bar, etc
  • Paint ‘n Sip
  • Paint your own pottery
  • Book Club
  • Dancing
  • Taking a walk
  • Hiking
  • Concert/Live Music
  • Shopping
  • Bowling
  • Wine tasting (at local wineries or at shops)
  • Sporting event (local basketball, football, ice hockey, whatever is available)
  • Go to the spa and get some couples treatments
  • Mani/pedi
  • Head to the movies

  • Get tickets for the theater
  • Head out to a local trivia night
  • Karoake
  • Comedy Club
  • Play pool
  • Cruise garage sales/thrift stores
  • Bike Ride
  • Arcade
  • To the beach/lake/local outdoor attraction
  • Farmers Market
  • Yoga

Or you could invite the moms over and…

  • Eat, drink, and try to complete a sweet DIY project from Pinterest
  • Learn how to cook something cool
  • Have a clothes horse party (everyone clean out their closet and try on/trade clothes, and everyone goes home with something new and free)
  • Have a movie night, complete with a sweet flick, popcorn and other treats
  • Cooking competition (each person brings or makes a dish and then everyone tastes and rates them to see whose is the best)

  • Fondue party (cheese or dessert)
  • Game night (eat, drink, and play board games you haven’t played without kids since you were a kid yourself)
  • At home spa night (home nails, toes, hair, makeup)
  • Other type of “swap” night (like decorations, accessories, kids toys, home decor, kids clothing, etc)
  • Play charades

  • Dinner around the world (everyone gets assigned a country or place to bring goodies from)
  • Test out a wild recipe (for food, drinks, desserts)
  • Freezer Meal party

Let’s get more creative here…

  • See if your town has an Escape Room (figure out the clues to get out before time is up)
  • Check Groupon for coupons for deals on local events/outings
  • Try out pole dancing (why not?)
  • Is there a local town Psychic? This one is sure to bring the laughs
  • Volunteer together (feel good, get active, give back!)
  • Laser tag. Need I say more?
  • Sign up for a local walk/run (like a 5k)
  • Head to the local museum
  • Play tourist in your hometown (and do all the corny iconic things)
  • Roller/Ice skating
  • Head to the local casino (play the games, listen to the music, eat the food, people watching)
  • Mushroom hunting
  • Star gazing
  • Trampoline Park

Ultimately, the best Mom’s Night Out activities…

…Are activities that give Moms something that they have been missing. That could be just a chance to talk to another adult. Or maybe it is to engage their mind in a more complex way. To learn something new so that they can feel confident and interesting in conversations. Or just relax and not be stressed out or called upon to do something all the time. Or maybe it is just to laugh, like a big, hearty, let it all loose kind of laugh.

If what you’ve got planned takes up too much energy and it is stressful, it isn’t something I would want to set aside time to do on a Mom’s night out.

Other Considerations for Moms

When we are first getting out and away from the kids, some moms are able to make a break for it and be gone for hours without anxiety. Others need to be work up to it. I try to aim for activities that are not too expensive or stressful, that doesn’t really require a lot of advance planning or up front expenses, especially since kid needs (like illnesses) can derail everything in a blink.

I also try to avoid doing stuff that requires a lot of driving back and forth to get to, so I can maximize my time in the activity, and not feel like the break, however long it is, is being wasted in any way.

What about you?

What are your favorite activities to do with other moms when you get a free moment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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