Small Gifts for Kindergarten Students (31+ Ideas)

Small gifts can be a great way to reward the meeting of a goal, stocking a classroom treasure box or make good party favors for a birthday party.

Small gifts can be small snacks, toys or craft items. 

Choose a variety of small gifts to create a great gift basket or goodie bag for a kindergarten student. 

Personalizing small gifts can make them even more special. 

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Small Gifts for Kindergarten Students

Small gifts are great rewards for children who are working towards a goal.

Kindergarteners are not able to make long term goals without support from parents and caretakers. 

When you are working towards a small goal like sleeping in their own bed, writing their names, sharing or taking turns. 

Use small gifts to mark milestones and as prizes for sticker charts or mini-goals. 

Food Gifts


Hershey Kisses

Candy Canes






These small food gifts are often available in individual snack packs.

These food gifts are great small gifts for kindergarteners. 

Learning Gifts







Flash Cards


Word Search

Activity Book

Kindergarten students love learning and they may enjoy new school supplies and other learning gifts. 

Flash cards, word searches, math fact books are all great small gifts for 5 and 6 year olds.  

Small Toy Gifts


Balsa Wood Gliders 

Bubble Pop Fidgets


Scratch Off Crafts


Squishie Animals 

Twist Puzzles 


There are so many great small gifts on Amazon for kindergarten students! 

These small gifts are great rewards for meeting a goal or for celebrating a milestone. 

Inexpensive Gifts for Kindergarten Students from Teachers

These gifts are affordable for a large group of children.

Handing out a special surprise before a school break or at the end of the year is a great way to celebrate during the year. 


Fidget Toys are a great gift and they come in so many varieties. Variety packs make it a great choice for stocking a classroom treasure box

These gifts can be useful for students to keep on their desks throughout the day as well. 

Paper Gliders are fun gifts and they encourage outdoor play. This large pack of paper gliders make wonderful inexpensive gifts. 

You can pass these out on the way out the door so that they do not get thrown around the classroom. 

Twist Puzzles are strings of connected pieces that must fit together into a specific shape. These engaging puzzles can keep little hands busy for quite a while. They are challenging!  

The multipack of twist puzzles available on Amazon makes them very affordable. 

Awards are great gifts in the classroom as they are celebrations of the student’s growth or achievements. This variety pack of ribbons makes those awards extra special. 

You may choose to create your own shiny awards by printing pictures and adding stickers or glitter to decorate the awards. 

Learning Gifts

Books make great gifts and you can order bulk copies of books from Scholastic. Books are great gifts because they help build the child’s home library. 

Puzzles are good for the brain as they build spatial awareness which is an important math skill. You can find puzzle packs with many different themes to match classroom learning. 

These puzzles feature jungle animals and make great small gifts. 

Bookmarks can be simple or creative. Large packs of scratch off bookmarks are a great gift for the whole class before a library visit. 

This can be a classroom craft or a gift to complete at home. 

Mini Games are great for students who love to play with friends. Keep it simple with a matching game or go fish for kids to play with their family or friends. 

This multipack of kid’s card games gives you plenty of card game options. 

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students

Birthdays are a great time to celebrate your child’s unique strengths and interests. 


Kindergarteners love to play games with friends, so multiplayer games are a great gift idea. 

Share games that you enjoyed as a child and show your enthusiasm. 

Classics like Twister, Toss Across and Guess Who are affordable gifts that are fun for the whole family. 

Outdoor games like Giant Connect Four or Yard Checkers are great summer gifts. Giant Wood Block Tower is a good indoor or outdoor game and is sure to be a fun time for all players. 


An electric scooter will have your kindergarten student zooming around the house. 

The Riding’Times Electric Scooter is an affordable, foldable electric scooter. The adjustable handle makes it a good fit for younger kids and is recommended for kids 4-12. 


You may choose to sign your kindergarten student up for a subscription like Highlights magazine, Little Passports or Snack Crate. 

Subscription boxes are the gift that keep giving all year long. 

The educational boxes are great for young kids who are interested in cooking, science, math or nature will love special boxes just for them each month. 


Memberships to local zoos, children’s museums, pottery painting shops, arcades, tea shops or bookstores are great gifts for kids and families. 

More and more businesses are offering memberships. These great packages often offer a discount for multiple visits to a business. 

If your child loves visiting the arcade, a membership and the promise for many future visits is a very exciting gift. 

You may also find a membership to the local YMCA can be a great affordable gift and includes some classes and childcare. 


More and more families are asking for experiences instead of toys at birthday presents. 

Some fun experience gifts include:

Tickets to see a Favorite Performer

Tickets to a Museum Display

Escape Room for Kids

Trampoline Park 

Train Ride

Music Lessons

Art Lessons

Garden Tour

Horseback Riding

Fishing Trip



Camping Reservations

Apple Picking

Experiences can be very special memories for the whole family. You can find things that are local and special to buy those experiences. 

Often if a business does not offer gift cards on their website, they can be paid in advance over the phone to arrange the experience.  

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