17+ Birthday Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarteners love gifts that inspire imaginative play, building toys and learning toys.

This gift guide will give you plenty of ideas for the next birthday party. 

These gifts are sure to please! These are the gifts kids will want to unwrap at their birthday this year. 

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Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students (Introduction)

Kindergarteners love playing social and creative games. Games and crafts are clever gift choices for these growing kids. 

Kindergarteners enjoy working with others, so this list does include some group games and board games to play with others. 

They are also beginning to learn more about the world around them and so some of these gifts are educational! It is a great time to engage with nature, history, science and math.  

The gifts on this list will be perfect for your kindergartener. 

There are gift ideas for kids who love to build, read, learn and explore. Many gifts on this list will grow with your kindergartener.  

Learning Gifts for Kindergarteners

Books are an enjoyable gift for kindergarteners who are emerging readers. 

Pop-Up Books

Pop-up books are an interesting way to explore some non-fiction topics. And this Dinosaur Pop Up Book on Amazon is fascinating. 

You could pair this book with a ticket for the local science museum to keep the learning going. 

There are also some beautiful fiction pop-up books like Walk Through the Woods by Louise Greig

This captivating pop up books is delightful for children and adults. The little nature lover will enjoy this book with a bug net and magnifying glass. 

Puzzle Books

Maze books are very popular with kindergarten age student and many activity books only have 10-12 mazes mixed with coloring pages, but this HUGE Maze Book has over 80 pages of mazes designed for kids 4-8. 

A fun, screen free challenge for your kindergartener. 

Blank comic panels will be exciting for your super hero loving kindergartener. 

Comic panels are the perfect balance of drawing and writing and allow your child to create a story with just a few words. 

This blank comic panel book would go great with an action figure! 

Joke Books

Joke books are available for every topic! 

This illustrated joke book will be a hit with all the kids at the party as they huddle around to hear the jokes. 

You can also always choose a National Geographic joke book for your animal lover. The layout of these books make them easier for young readers to read and enjoy. 

Creative Gifts for Kindergarteners

Kindergarteners can come up with some creative ideas when they have the chance. Give them a cool challenge with these cool creative gifts. 

These gifts can allow your kindergartener to express themselves and explore different kinds of art. 

This paint marbling kit is a neat new way to paint and it can be done with a few kids or just one. 

If your child is into creating cool clothing a tye dye kit is sure to be a memorable craft to do with a parent. 

These scratch off drawing notebooks will last a long time and they are great for keeping handy during long times of waiting.

Friendship bracelets never go out of style and there are plenty of options for little fingers to create gifts for friends and learn a new skill. These loom style kits make it easier for everyone to create cool patterns and keep the string from tangling. 

Building Gifts for Kindergarteners

These building kits are great for kids who love to turn the living room into a pillow fort. 

Help them take their construction skills up a notch with these giant Air Fort kits that come with poles and connectors that come with instructions to inspire, but the possibilities are endless. 

There are also these very cool cardboard fort building kits that can build giant giraffes or a lemonade stand and require no tools. 

Now Legos are always popular and they have kits for every age and skill level. Check out their newer robotics offerings to add a little extra learning to your gift. 

If you have a STEM minded child, Snap Circuits are an incredible new way for them to learn about electricity. 

MagnaTiles are so fun for kids and adults, this construction themed set comes with several projects to get you started, but these are just fun for creative building. 

Bristle Blocks are another building toy that just keeps you captivated. Bristle blocks stick together and they are unlike any other building toy. 

Math and Science Gifts for Kindergarteners 

Math and science offer a whole world of wonder and excitement.

Kindergarteners are enjoying learning about the world around them.

These gifts are sure to set them up for math and science success. 

This Lego Chain Reaction book by Klutz is a great way for your little one to dive deeper into physics of cause and effect.

It is also a cool way to build Rube Goldberg machines! 

Get the whole family involved with a family board game. 

Sum Swamp is a game that the whole family can play together.

This is a great way to practice those new addition facts and wow the teacher. 

Learning Resources is a company that makes a lot of games and manipulative for learning and this Pizza Fractions Game will be a hit around the table and during imaginative play. 

Guess in 10 is a fun game to get the whole family learning about animals and the game can be played in the car on a long trip. 

Subscription boxes like KiwiCo or Highlights Puzzle Box can be a great gift that lasts all year.

The offerings from Highlights are engaging and designed to grow with your child. 

Gifts for Kindergarteners

Kindergarteners love to learn and explore their environment. These gifts will keep your 5-6 year old playing and learning all year long. 

Mix and match the gifts for your kindergartener to create a memorable gift that will get plenty of play time. 

The gifts on this list will be perfect for any kindergartener!   

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students