Why Do Some People Not Want Children?

Why do some people not want children

There are a lot of reasons why someone might say that they don’t want to have children. And you have to remember that just because someone tells you that they don’t want to have kids, it doesn’t mean that that’s actually what they think. Why Do Some People Not Want Children? Your Friends Might Not … Read more

Good Comebacks for KPOP Haters

people raising hands facing a stage covered in red fog

While kpop once like it was solidly a South Korean thing, it seems to be growing in popularity around the world. We can attribute a lot of the more mainstream attention kpop is now receiving from the worldwide success of BTS (aka the Bangtan Boys, aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts), a group of seven young men … Read more

Comebacks for Catcalls (Ready, Aim, Fire!)

How to Establish Credit For a Teenager

I have mixed feelings about catcalls on the street, or any attention on the street for that matter. As Americans, we are used to thinking of catcalling as something negative, disrespectful, or derogatory. In other countries (and cultures), a woman walking down the street would feel upset and disrespected if something DIDN’T notice that she … Read more

I Like Being Alone. So What?

Sorry, but this is a bit of a rant. But here it is. I like being alone. I don’t honestly understand what the big deal is about this fact. I have a house to myself (and I have kids). When the kids are gone at school or doing their thing, I don’t rush into social … Read more

Why I Always Answer the Door When Church People Knock

man and woman sitting in chairs talking

I was busy working on another project this morning when the doorbell rang. Looking at the time (around noon) and the fact that it was a weekday, I was fairly certain that it was someone from one of the various local churches or religious organizations (LDS, Jehovah’s Witness, etc). My neighbors usually knock, and my … Read more

Everything Will Be Alright Quotes and Sayings

Can You Get Pregnant a Week Before Your Period

Ugh….it’s been difficult lately. It is hard to complain about my life, considering all of the blessings that I am grateful, so grateful to have. But just because I am blessed doesn’t mean that I don’t have hard times. I’ve been pushing hard lately to keep my head up, and to be pushing towards my … Read more

Is It Bad To Be Clingy?

woman hugging another person smiling

Clingy? What do you mean, I’m clingy? Is that a bad thing? When people say it (about me or others) it sure sounds like a bad thing. In relationships, like anything, the way to answer this question is to look at the parties involved and the circumstances. I honestly don’t think it really matters what … Read more

I Love My Children (50+ Quotes and Sayings)

i want to adopt but I'm scared

I have three children. I love them more than anything in the world. And I’m not just saying that. It’s the truth. There’s nothing I love more than those children. I can’t even quantify it. Sometimes that love is hard to put into words. This is why I’ve put together this epic post of all … Read more

Is It Bad to Be a Loner?

Is It Bad to Be a Loner

What is a loner? A Loner with a capital L. The dictionary says it is a person who likes to be alone. Or to not associate with other people. Synonyms include outsider, hermit, introvert, and recluse. Before I go on to talk more about loners, I find myself wondering what you are doing here, on … Read more