Is Irish Spring Soap Toxic? (ANSWERED)

Yes, Irish Spring soap can be toxic, but in general, it is unlikely to hurt you. Let us explain. Is Irish Spring Soap Toxic? (EXPLAINED) Toxicity Let’s first talk about what it means for something to be toxic. The general accepted meaning/definition of a toxic substance to be one that could cause significant bodily harm. … Read more

Does My Child Have Anxiety?

Parents are anxious about anxiety. It’s funny to say, but not a laughing matter. In the article that follows, we’ll help you learn what you need to know about children and anxiety. Does My Child Have Anxiety? (EXPLAINED) These days, there is such a fine line between a normal amount of stress, and more serious … Read more

Hiking With a Cold? (Yes or No)

group of four people walking on a path

Got a hike scheduled for tomorrow? Feeling sort of gross, or like something bad is coming your way? I can only speak from my experience in this article (as I am not a doctor or medical professional). But here’s what I think as an avid hiker (and as a mom). In general, when you are … Read more

Quitting My Job Saved My Life

man and a woman sitting looking at a laptop with a window behind them

I am sure you’ve heard this story (especially if you live and or work in the United States). People who are killing themselves at their jobs. Drowning themselves in stress, in terrible food, alcohol, even drugs. I won’t say that I was killing myself with chemicals…but I was 100% dying at my desk each day. … Read more

How to Unclog Nipple Pores

woman looking into the camera hiding half her face with a sweater

I can’t believe I just typed that title. But yes, as a mother who has breastfed three babies, I shouldn’t be surprised. Dignity is just about the last thing that I should expect anymore, with children. When you are breastfeeding, your lady parts take on a life of their own. They do so many things … Read more

FitBit: I Loved It, and Here’s Why I Quit

I bought a Fitbit for myself and my partner a while back, as a birthday gift to myself. I thought that we’d both enjoy tracking our activity, since we were both chained to desks at the time with professional jobs. I had been struggling to get started on the post-baby weight loss journey, and I … Read more

Affirmations for Anger Management

I have struggled with anger in recent years. The thing I hate about my anger as a mother is that it erupts, sometimes randomly. I have always prided myself on my mental discipline, and positivity. Obviously with my anger I have been failing. In looking for ways to work on my anger, I came across … Read more