Is Irish Spring Soap Toxic? (ANSWERED)

Yes, Irish Spring soap can be toxic, but in general, it is unlikely to hurt you. Let us explain. Is Irish Spring Soap Toxic? (EXPLAINED) Toxicity Let’s first talk about what it means for something to be toxic. The general accepted meaning/definition of a toxic substance to be one that could cause significant bodily harm. … Read more

Is It Okay To Shave Your Face?

I came across this question recently, and in answering it, I am making the assumption that this is a question coming from a person who does not otherwise grow what we might consider standard male facial hair. So perhaps, you are a female or any age, a male who does not, or maybe does not … Read more

Is It Okay To Leave Conditioner In Your Hair?

Summary: yes, it is. But a better question is, should you? Let’s go through the ins and out of leaving conditioner in your hair, for an hour, for the day, and overnight. Why do people want to leave conditioner in their hair (meaning not wash it out after putting it on in the shower, or … Read more