SMART Goals for Kindergarten Students (A Guide)

In this article, you’ll learn all about SMART goals and how you can incorporate them into your kinder’s life. SMART Goals for Kindergarten Students (For Teachers and Parents) Kindergarten students can benefit from setting goals to help them see their progress as they learn and grow. SMART goals pair a goal with a way to … Read more

21+ Award Ideas for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students are learning and growing every day, you can help them celebrate their success with rewards. Verbal praise, reward charts, award celebrations and classroom awards can all help students see their strengths.  Choose a reward that focuses on something your child did or a character quality that you see in the child.  Awards are … Read more

10+ Easy Games for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students can enjoy scavenger hunts, read aloud time, hopscotch, and competition games. You can play games inside or outside, online or screen free. Kindergarteners usually enjoy playing with other kids or with caregivers.  Kindergarten aged students are growing social skills and playing games together is a great way to grow and practice those growing … Read more

Social Goals for Middle School Students (A Parent’s Guide)

Middle school students are starting to develop a deeper social identity and they find an identity in their peer groups. Middle school students continue to need social emotional education and skill building opportunities. Children in middle school are growing in decision making, social-awareness and self-awareness and management.  12 to 15 year olds in middle school … Read more

Social Goals For 5th Graders (A Parent’s Guide)

Students in fifth grade are starting to understand the larger world around them. They may become interested in social issues, global cultures and personal identity. Fifth graders are growing in the areas of self-awareness and management, social-awareness and belonging and decision making.  With a growing interest in the world, fifth grade students may express interest … Read more

Social Goals For 4th Graders (A Parent’s Guide)

Students in fourth grade are developing friendships and a greater sense of identity. Children in fourth grade are growing in the areas of self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, decision making and relationships.  As friendships become more important, 4th graders are better able to understand that other people experience the world differently than they do.  Social Goals For … Read more

Social Goals For 2nd Graders (A Parent’s Guide)

Children in second grade are learning social-awareness, decision making, self-awareness and self-management. Children may have more frequent changes in mood and may begin to enjoy participating in clubs and team sports and may enjoy sharing secrets with friends.  These social emotional milestones may look different from child to child, but the general theme is that … Read more

Social Goals for Preschoolers (A Guide For Parents)

Creating a safe open environment at home is the best way to foster social emotional growth in your preschooler. Preschoolers are rapidly developing social-emotional skills as they interact with other children. This frequently requires kids to learn to share, set boundaries by saying no, and learning to name their own emotions.  This article will give … Read more