February 15, 2020 (Feeling Letdown AGAIN)

You might not know this, but I am on Youtube. I have a Youtube channel (under another name), so you’ll have a hard time finding it if you go and hunt for it. The reason I have a channel under another name is that I want these two online digital “properties” to grow separately and on their own, so I can test out various strategies for growth and revenue.

Right now the channel has less than 1,000 subscribers, but it is growing month on month. Slowly but surely.

I have been chasing an interview with a fairly well-known individual since about November of last year, so 3-4 months. I was excited when I reached out to him last year, and I didn’t get an outright NO. He asked me to contact him again in the new year, which I did.

Then when I reached out the next time, he agreed to sit for it, and we scheduled it a few weeks out.

Then the day arrived. I had cleaned up my space (that can be seen in the video, the rest of my house is a disaster because KIDS). I got all ready (which for me is showering and putting on actual clothes), got my research and prep done, and sat down about 15 minutes before time to start and got his message.

Cancelled. He was feeling a bit under the weather, and didn’t feel like he would be able to go on camera for his interview.

I was disappointed, but understood. After all, I’ve been sick, and I know how it is. PLUS, this is a bigger name in the niche and I wanted to maintain the connection for networking purposes.

We rescheduled for the next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

This day was a bit more challenging for me, since it was a day where I already had an interview scheduled on another channel (someone actually interviewing ME for THEIR channel, my first time, squeeee). I also volunteer on those days in my son’s first grade class.

But I figured I could do it, after all, this interview was something important.

So here’s how it went.

I got out of bed on time, showered.

Ran to the school (which is a five minute walk away), and helped 25 kids count out 100 beads into bags (the 100th day of school is next week) and they are making 100 bead necklaces.

Then I ran home, and realized when I got to the front door that it was locked. And I had no keys.

So I ran around the house looking for an open door or window to climb through. Luckily my kids are raccoons and are constantly going in and out the doors and windows (one story house) so it wasn’t too hard to find a window to climb through, though awkwardly because the blinds were down.

Stumbling through, I ran to the coffee machine to get a cup of coffee going so that I would be fully caffeinated and on the ball for the chat.

I ran into the room where I record and cleaned up a little bit more, so I would look professional to the subject and the video would look like I had my SH*&(&&T together.

I sat down, set up the camera.

Then I checked my email.


He and his wife (and small child) were all throwing up with the stomach flu.


Yes, I know it wasn’t his fault. We’ve all been there with kids and illnesses.

The kids lick everything, touch everything, they are constantly picking up germs and putting them into their eyes and nose and mouth.

They are also putting those same yucky fingers on our faces, in our mouths, transferring their germs to us despite our best efforts.

I’ve got some great stories, like the time my son got Norovirus (or the stomach flu or some kind of awful thing) at Great Wolf Lodge and threw up for the rest of the vacation. Or the time my three kids (at the time, all under the age of 5) got the stomach flu at the same time and were all throwing up on my living room carpet at the same time (like a vomit fountain concert).

I know my channel is really small, and coming on it right now won’t give him a gigantic boost of popularity/notoriety.

I think people forget that small channels on Youtube can eventually become big channels, especially if the creator is dedicated and motivated.

I digress.

I was disappointed, and kind of annoyed, to be honest. I’d had a frantic, all over the place morning, for no gain whatsoever.

Of course, I was gracious in my email response. I told the vomit concert story, and left it at that. Part of me wonders whether he really wanted to do the interview at all, and was looking for an easy way out. So I didn’t say anything about rescheduling, and figure I’ll let him initiate that discussion when he is ready (if ever). I don’t like pushing people into stuff that they don’t really want to do.

But not only was I disappointed by the lost opportunity to talk to this individual (and to learn from him), now I have a giant hole in my content calendar for Youtube. I had planned that video to go out today or tomorrow, and hadn’t prepped any other content for that time slot.

No, it isn’t the end of the world, but the fussy in me is bothered by the loss of expected watch time and momentum that I’ve seen lately.

So what am I doing instead?

Well, first of all, I am drinking my coffee.

As I am writing this post to blow off a little steam.

Then I am going to try and put my mind right and get jazzed up about the interview that I have scheduled to give in about two hours.

And I’ll plan some other kind of video that I can put together and publish quickly, something maybe short but useful. Not the big long informational video I had planned but at least something.

Speaking of which, I’m going to get to it. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam and rant a bit.

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