Is it bad to be an Introvert?

woman looking at window with hand on chin

I don’t think it bad to be an introvert. If I am honest with myself (which I do as often as I can), I am an introvert. One with the ability to exhibit the characteristics and skills of an extrovert, only with the expenditure of great energy and effort. I find that when I am … Read more

Is It Okay To Shave Your Face?

I came across this question recently, and in answering it, I am making the assumption that this is a question coming from a person who does not otherwise grow what we might consider standard male facial hair. So perhaps, you are a female or any age, a male who does not, or maybe does not … Read more

Is It Okay To Take a Pregnancy Test at Night?

woman sitting in a chair by a bright window

Think you might be pregnant? It is about 9:00pm right now? Do you have a pregnancy test in your hand that you just purchased for $7.99 at the local grocery store? (Maybe it is a two-pack). Maybe you don’t have the test in your hand, but you are surfing the net, thinking about jumping in … Read more

Is It Okay To Leave Conditioner In Your Hair?

Summary: yes, it is. But a better question is, should you? Let’s go through the ins and out of leaving conditioner in your hair, for an hour, for the day, and overnight. Why do people want to leave conditioner in their hair (meaning not wash it out after putting it on in the shower, or … Read more

How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome (I’ve Got It, Too)

woman sitting at a desk with pen in her mouth

I, like many hard working men and woman around the world, suffer from imposter syndrome. Even knowing that I suffer from it and that I have it, doesn’t change it or really help me overcome it. No matter what I do and how I do it, I always feel insecure about what I am doing … Read more

Is It Bad To Be A Homebody?

man lying on a couch reading a book

I’m a homebody. I’m not ashamed of it. I’d rather putter around my house, work on my projects, get my chores, done, read some books, dig in my yard, and in general avoid most people. Depending on who you ask, being a homebody isn’t all that awesome. It might be called boring, lame, anti-social, or … Read more

How To Deal With Burnout (My Experience Overcoming It)

I’m a parent. A professional (with a capital P). My children are young. I barely have any time to work out, or focus on healthy eating. I’m obsessive about putting my kids first, while also juggling my work goals, blogging, social media. I started writing this article a while ago because I was feeling tired, … Read more

Is It Bad To Be Shy?

is it bad to be shy

Is it a bad thing to be shy and quiet? As I type this, (and before I go on), I find myself wondering what you are doing here, on this article, at this website. Are you looking to figure out something about yourself? Maybe get a better idea who you are? Or perhaps you are … Read more

Should I Date a Single Mom?

Should I Date a Single Mom

Dating a single mother isn’t always easy. But the answer to your question (should I date a single mom) depends upon you. What you value, and what you are looking for in your relationship. There isn’t just one answer (like YES or NO) for everyone. To make the decision, it helps to understand a bit … Read more

Is It Safe to Mix Bleach and Baking Soda?

Is It Safe to Mix Bleach and Baking Soda

Yes, it is perfectly safe, provided that you take the usual precautions that you might employ while using bleach. If you’d like to know more about mixing bleach and baking soda, read on! When this question was first posted to me, I was really interested to know the answer! This is a great question. I … Read more