How to Dry Fresh Herbs in the Oven

how to dry herbs in the oven

Food preservation can sound a lot like witch craft when you first get started. If you have never done any preserving of fruits, vegetables or herbs on your own, it can be overwhelming in the beginning. There are so many articles and books to read, and ways that you can go wrong! Further, you read … Read more

How to Be Ruthless When Decluttering Clothes

woman holding clothing on her arms

I recently helped my mother move out of a home she had lived in for more than 35 years. She moved into that house right after getting married. She raised four kids in that house. She got divorced, and then continued to live in that house. That house was full of old memories. And her … Read more

Moms Night In Ideas (Give That Mom a Break!)

two women looking at a cell phone

Going out USED to be so much fun. But now that I’ve got the kids and all of our STUFF each week, I don’t feel the same way about it. I want to do something on my night off, if I manage to get some free time. But does it have to be out? I … Read more

Reducing Expenses After Losing a Job (My Experience)

man sitting holding head in his hand

For many reasons, I took a huge pay cut when I left my professional job two years ago. I went from a six figure salary to a $0 salary. It happened just before my marriage ended, and there was no dollar settlement in that case. So I was left without an income, a little bit … Read more

Is It Safe To Mix Dish Soap and Bleach?

When to Start Disciplining Baby

Is it safe to mix dish soap and bleach? This is a great question, and one that not many people are asking (who should be). After all, how often do you clean up a space with a sponge full of dish soap and water, and then finish the area with a wipe down of a … Read more

Bleach and Urine: Bad? Deadly? Really?

You may have heard the rumble about mixing bleach and vinegar, and also about mixing bleach and ammonia. And maybe, like me, you’ve left the bleach soaking in the toilet for a while after cleaning it, and maybe even thriftily waiting to flush it again until the next person pees in it. Yes, I admit … Read more

Is It Safe to Mix Bleach and Baking Soda?

Is It Safe to Mix Bleach and Baking Soda

Yes, it is perfectly safe, provided that you take the usual precautions that you might employ while using bleach. If you’d like to know more about mixing bleach and baking soda, read on! When this question was first posted to me, I was really interested to know the answer! This is a great question. I … Read more

How to Make Seed Bombs

how to make seed bombs

What is a seed bomb? Seed bombs come in many forms. In all cases, a seed bomb is a bunch of seeds stuck together, often with dirt, paper, or other materials. Seed bombs are sometimes used by “guerilla gardeners” who like to plant rogue flowers in vacant dirt around the neighborhood, or even out in … Read more