How to Dry Fresh Herbs in the Oven

how to dry herbs in the oven

Food preservation can sound a lot like witch craft when you first get started. If you have never done any preserving of fruits, vegetables or herbs on your own, it can be overwhelming in the beginning. There are so many articles and books to read, and ways that you can go wrong! Further, you read … Read more

When is it safe to feed baby rice cereal?

baby sitting in high chair, mother holding a spoon of food up to his mouth

Wow, this is a challenging question to get a definitive answer on. You will find multiple thoughts, opinions, and perspectives on this question. Further, you’ll see that most of these thoughts, opinions, and perspectives….ALL DIFFER! 4 months? 3 months? 6 months? 7 months? Seriously? What is a first time parent supposed to do? I can … Read more

Cold Lunch Ideas for Kids (From a Mom of 3)

multiple children at school sitting for snacktime

Today I was packing the kids’ lunches and I realized that I have been throwing the same old boring stuff into their lunches for weeks! The primary reason I do it is because I am sure THEY WILL EAT IT. Too many times I try something new or different, and then open up the lunch … Read more

Is Bubble Tea Gluten Free?

is bubble tea gluten free

First, what is Bubble Tea? If you are new to Bubble Tea, you’ll be disappointed to learn (as I did) that there are no bubbles in bubble tea. The tea is made from tea (har car), along with fruit, coffee, milk, and some chewy pearls in the cup. The bubbles refer to the milk froth … Read more