Clean Driving Records: Why Teens Should Care

Clean Driving Records

That teenage ritual, obtaining their driver’s license. You remember those days, carefree, and able to go where the road took you. Of course, with some limitations! If you have a teen driver in your home you’re more than likely reliving those moments. At the same time, you are probably riveted with fear. Not just for … Read more

My Teenager Daughter is Pregnant

teenager daughter is pregnant

As a parent, we want to see our kids succeed. But honestly, let’s admit to ourselves, that it only gets harder with age. For years we build up our relationships with our children. It’s a tedious but rewarding labor of love. However, none of us are infallible. Not us, and not our children. We all … Read more

How to Deal with a Bad Coach

deal with bad coach

He’s at the thirty, the twenty, the ten … touchdown! And the crowd goes wild! That is, when all goes well in high school sports. Pick the game, you know the experience we feel as parents. We place our children on pedestals when it comes to high school sports. For many, it’s more than a … Read more

How to Establish Credit For a Teenager

How to Establish Credit For a Teenager

Building a solid credit history is a valuable asset for any person. This is doubly the case for a young person, who is otherwise distrusted by banks, insurance companies, even their own parents. After all, the best way to get credit is to have credit. And how can one get credit without credit? Parents can … Read more

Teen Braces: Brace Yourself

teen braces

Teenage years are some of the most challenging for both child and parent. The one thing a teen wants more than anything is to be accepted by their peer group. They want to be attractive to the object of their affections in the romantic scene. Teen braces are often a roadblock to those goals. Braces … Read more

Parent’s Guide to Language, Speech and Listening Development

While there is a broad spectrum of normal, there is a general expectation of when and how you’ll see language speech and listening development in kids. Below, I have written out a rough estimate of what will occur, and when. Remember, these are the milestones. Children will reach these in their own time, in their … Read more