How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an iPhone

How to convince your parents to get you an iPhone

Technology is at its best and things like IPhones are no longer luxuries but help in many ways than one can imagine. Young people may understand the various roles these electronics play but many parents still consider them unnecessary expenses. So, let us look at how to convince your parents to get you an iPhone.

Work On Your Language

Parents have a lot to spend on, from mortgages, bills, school fees, food and many other things. For this reason, you have to work on the words that you use when asking for anything from your parents. A simple, “mom or dad I need an iPhone” may lead to serious frustrations. It is not a need in the first place. You need to come up with words that encourage a conversation between you and your parent. By so doing, you will have a chance to explain yourself fully. Try something like “mom/dad, this semester was fun. I managed to submit all my assignments in time”.

Most likely your parent will get interested in where you are heading. You never know the end statement can be “If I get an iPhone, it will be much easier for me to handle my tasks faster”. Play around with your language and use sweet words. Parents want the best for their children and anything that impact positively can be a plus for you.

Be at your best all the time

Parents like it when their children are giving them ample time. Do your house chores without having your mom remind you that there is work in the house. Even if it has never been in your tradition, wake up early and do the chores. How about deciding to fix breakfast for your family on weekends when everyone is feeling lazy! Make your parents see reason to listen to your requests. To convince your parents to get you an IPhone may not be that tough.

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Mind your appearance and conduct

The biggest challenge with the youth nowadays is the way they appear and conduct themselves in front of people. If you know you need something from your parents, you have to be at your best. If there are clothes your parents have never approved, this is the time to do away with them. Any hair style that has never been your parents’ favorite has to be forgotten. You need to show your parents the best version of yourself. When you receive visitors handle them well, the way your parents have always advised. When parents see a positive change in you, they are also compelled to listen to what you have to say. One step at a time and soon you will have the IPhone that you desire.

Bring in your contribution

IPhones are expensive items especially if you still depend on your parents. If you need your parents to get you one, there is need to show that you know the product is expensive. IPhones can cost from $600 to $1500 depending on the type. Make it easy for your parents by contributing a percentage to the cost. If you need one of $800 try and bring $100 from the pocket money your parents give. If your parents usually take their cars to the washing bay, you can decide to wash your parents’ cars as a contribution to the purchase. Wait! This can continue even after getting your IPhone, right?

Try and do what you can but bring a small contribution, this will make the parents feel that you are being responsible.

Give room for a later response

IPhones don’t cost $40 or less, so when you are asking for it from your parent, give room for a later answer. Once you explain what you need to your parents, let them know that you are not in a hurry and they can give an answer later after giving it a second thought. As they take one week or two considering your request, this is the time to be at your best. The results will be awesome, but only if you are patient.

You have to be timely with your requests

There are times when parents are stressed and need space. This is not the right time to ask for anything. Not even ice cream. Wait for a time when your parents are more relaxed. If you happen to see them in a happy mood, this is the time to join in the conversation and look for the best time to fix in your wish. If your request comes in when they are tired, it will be a straight NO! Timing is vital.

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Most parents love rewarding their children when they excel in school. Work hard and let your request come in handy. If you do well in academics and expect a gift, don’t wait for them to decide on the gift that may not be so desirable to you. Come out early with your request. Chances will be they will zero in on the IPhone.

Give room for discussion

If your parent says no, don’t take it to mean no. Give them time and ask about it later. Bring the discussion another time but in a more calm and respectful way. The words should be different and polite. Who knows, there may be something in your request that failed you last time. Plan well and approach them with reasons so that they may see things from your perspective.

Let them understand why you need the iPhone

Besides calling and texting, the IPhone has other benefits especially for students. Explain to your parents that there are advantages of using the IPhone to you as a student. With an IPhone you can always receive mails on assignments on time. In the same way you can upload assignments easily. The issue of security is also important, parents can track you when you are not home and this will give them peace. Also, never forget to tell them that you will be responsible in using the phone and promise never to let them down. You have to take time and convince your parents to buy you an IPhone.

Truth is, parents are different and you need to understand them before asking for anything. On the other hand, the financial situations are different. If you need an iPhone you need to consider many factors and come up with the best that can suit you as an individual. Most important, make sure your grades are good to make the parents feel the urge to buy you something nice. Plan carefully and before you realize, the iPhone is in your hands.

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