Are Crest White Strips Safe During Pregnancy?

In today’s article from the Mom Advice Line, we are answering the question, “Are Crest White Strips safe during pregnancy?”

Wonderful, yet many unknowns

Pregnancy is such a precious time in a woman’s life. For many, it is the moment they have waited for and planned for. It also comes with its own brand-new set of rules for what you can and cannot do. These rules leave you second-guessing yourself constantly as you wonder if something that you want to do or use is safe for your baby.

It also leaves you growing outward in multiple directions and wanting to look your best in some way. I know for me many have said that my smile is my best feature. It is something I would want to keep pristine through the long months of pregnancy. The question I found myself asking is are my Crest White Strips safe for me to use? Don’t they have bleach in them? Can that hurt a baby?

Medical Research

The problem is there is deliberately not an answer to these questions. Companies that put out things like Crest White Strips and other types of beauty products aren’t allowed to test their products on a pregnant woman for ethical reasons. As a result, little research has been produced and leaves most women having to ask their medical team.

Most doctors and dentists will recommend you to wait nine months before using this product or similar ones because of how uncertain research is on their effects on pregnancy.

Alternatives to Crest White Strips during pregnancy

The good news is just because a doctor says you can’t use a name brand product that doesn’t mean that you can’t whiten your teeth safely during pregnancy. There are several all-natural ways to whiten your teeth most of them tasty ways you can take your pick of. Try one of them or better yet try them all to see which one works the best for you. Every woman’s body different and this is never truer than pregnancy.

Strawberry Paste

My favorite option is the strawberry paste. Strawberries, when left on teeth, are known to whiten them. To start with you take one or two strawberries and grind them up. Take this juicy mixture and add your favorite toothpaste to make the strawberries into a paste. Make sure you don’t use whitening toothpaste as that is as unsafe as Crest Whitener and similar products.

 There are other ways to make a strawberry paste and if you want to research an alternate option it shouldn’t change the results. Paint your teeth with the strawberry paste and leave it on your teeth to disappear naturally. Do this twice a day for two weeks and compare results.

Banana Peels whaaat?

I love bananas though their peels I’m less of a fan of. A safe tip to whiten teeth is to eat a banana and then brush your teeth when you’re done. After brushing your teeth take the peels and rub them all over your teeth for five minutes without stopping. Do this twice a day and don’t rinse out your mouth letting the results stay on your teeth. Don’t stop this until your teeth are the color you wish them to be.

Vitamin C Benefits

Oranges are tasty too but this next one is something I would personally opt out of as it involves their peels. My mom eats orange peels but I don’t like them! I guess we all have our own unique likes and dislikes. My friends call me unamerican because I don’t like cheese after all.

 After you brush your teeth in the evening take the orange peel and rub it for two minutes all over your teeth both front and back. Then make sure you don’t rinse your mouth, drink or eat anything, or brush your teeth again. Sleep with this residue on your teeth and in the morning rinse your mouth out with water as soon as you get up. Repeat this every day until you are happy with the results.

 An extra bonus to this method that would almost make me reconsider is that not only does the microorganisms in the vitamin C make your teeth whiter they will also strengthen them.

Lemon Scrub (not for the faint of heart)

I’ve saved the least tasty for last. I love to eat lemon peels and yes, I do know that I’m weird and I’m at peace with that. Unfortunately, this method isn’t just eating or rubbing lemon peels as I would be totally down for that. You’ll need lemon juice, salt, and a real lemon peel.

First either buy a bottle or lemon juice or I would suggest you juice a real lemon as you are going to need the peel later. Mix the juice with salt in a glass before swishing and gargle it for as long as you can stand it. I know what you’re thinking and I told you this was the least tasty option. Next, take the peel and scrub the juice and salt off of your teeth until you feel all the grit gone. If no salt settled on your teeth time yourself for about two minutes.

Self-care is key during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a mess of hormones and changes. For many, it can create major changes to your diet and daily activities. It can cause feelings of inadequacy and a crisis of self-esteem. It can be good for a new mom to keep as much of her daily beauty routine as she can.

 I know my morning and evening routine are my me times. I use my morning routine to mentally organize my day and decide which projects are most important and how to fit all of the needed activities in. My evening routine is to relax and unwind after my day. The longer a day has felt the longer my evening routine will be.

I would encourage you as a new mom to do these things even during your pregnancy. You need something or several things that is your time. A beauty routine is a perfect thing to boost your self-esteem and relax. It’s nice to see the transformation in the morning and to feel the stress wash off in the evenings. Let me also slip in here that a warm bubble bath never goes amiss.

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