Favorite Things to Buy at Costco (My Top 10)

Ok, let’s face it. There’s more than ten things that I LOVE to buy at Costco. As a parent, I ABUUUUUUSE my Costco membership. There’s a few things I buy from necessity, and others I buy for pure love. In this post, let’s talk about the things I love.

Skipping the obvious (toilet paper, wipes, diapers and dogfood)

If you are a parent, you already know that Costco is one of the best places to get high quality but affordable diapers, wipes, toilet paper, and dogfood. (See our review of the Kirkland brand diapers here)

Oh yeah, don’t forget the $1.50 hot dogs (plus a soda), and all the samples.

We are going to skip the diapers and go on to our Costco favorites.


Have you never heard of the Whisp brand of cheese snack? If you haven’t, don’t buy them. Ever. Because you will sit and eat a whole back. These crisps are made entirely of cheese. It is like you can buy a bag FULL of only the crispy cheese part of the grilled cheese sandwich that melted into the pan.

These crisps don’t have any cracker to them. Just cheese. They don’t need to go in the fridge. I enjoy eating an entire bag at a time. But I imagine other people would enjoy them paired with hard salami, or crumbled up over a salad.

My only complaint about these is the cost. A big of these whisps costs about $11 unless you can find them on sale.

Frankly, thank goodness they cost so much for a bag, or I’d have a pantry full of them.

Kirkland Fully-cooked Bacon

As I understand it, the Kirkland fully cooked bacon is a popular choice. For me as a working mom in particular, having fully cooked bacon around just made my life so much easier. The package comes with about 50 slices of bacon. To prepare them to eat, you can zap them in the microwave for less than a minute, or you can throw them in a pan or into the oven.

Bacon can take a really boring and lame meal and make it into something awesome. Grilled cheese sandwich? Add bacon and it is gourmet. Boring salad? Crumble some freshly warmed up bacon and it is now awesome. All you have is some tomatoes? Eat them with some bacon. =AWESOME.

This product made breakfasts very easy. I was in the habit a few years ago of making egg muffins (baking scrambled eggs mixed up with vegetables in muffin tins in the oven on Sundays to be eaten during the week). It was pretty easy to nke an egg muffin with veg and a few strips of bacon at the same time and then eat them in the car. No utensils necessary.

How much does it cost?

Who cares.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather

I really hate most gummies and other grocery store fruit snacks. Almost all of them are made with corn syrup or other chemicals. When the kids are screaming in the backseat, I need to have something somewhat not-disgusting to throw over my shoulder at them. Further, the food needs to be something that can live in the car without going bad. Fruit Leather has been my go-to for many moons.

What I like about this box of fruit leather is that I feel like I am getting a good deal (fruit leather sells for about a dollar or more per piece at the grocery store). When you buy it at Costco, it usually costs about $11-13 for the box of 48 pieces.

The kids really like them. I am satisfied with the ingredients. I hate all the plastic that ends up floating around the car but hey, nobody is perfect.

Kirkland Signature Raisin Bread

I love cinnamon rolls. But I don’t like to buy them. I feel like I’m buying unhealthy treat food if I buy cinnamon rolls. If I am going to buy cinnamon rolls, I might as well buy ice cream.

Instead, I buy the Kirkland Signature Raisin Bread. The bread has lots of cinnamon in it, and the slices are cut so that the bread is thick. The texture is really soft (if it hasn’t been in your pantry for a month or so), and delicious if you toast it and then slather it with butter.

Nuevo Grille Carnitas Street Tacos

These street tacos live in the frozen aisle. They are meant to be warmed in the microwave and with a little bit of high quality guacamole, these are pretty freaking delicious.

Tableside Chunky Guacamole

Speaking of guacamole, the Good Foods tableside Chunky Guacamole is just about the only guacamole I purchase from any store, ever.

Guacamole from the store is ALWAYS disappointing. I mean, just horrible. Over processed. Spiced in a weird way. Mixed up with sour cream?!?!?!

This guacamole product is packaged into small containers, so that you can eat a serving and then not run the risk of the remainder turning brown in the fridge. The product itself is full of really avocado chunks that are the right amount of soft (unlike my home made guac which is full of avocados however ripe they are). There’s lime flavor, and it isn’t spicy. If you want spicy, just drop a little Chalula on there and you are good to go. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pairing a package of this guac with the street tacos I referenced above.

This product isn’t always available. But if you can find it, BUY IT.


You can’t get pomegranates year around. And generally when you find them in the local grocery store, they’ve obviously been on a boat or a truck for weeks. In most cases, the fruit is really bruised, or very over ripe. Then they cost and arm and a leg, and I’m sorry I bothered.

Not so at Costco. In general whenever I buy a flat of poms at Costco (six for close to six or seven dollars, the fruit is large, deeply colored, firm, fresh, and not spoiled inside.

I seriously wait all year for it to be pomegranate season, and then I buy as many of them as I can eat, until my family is tired of them.

SKOTIDAKIS Jalapeno Yogurt Dip

Every time I buy this dip, I marvel that it is made with yogurt, and doesn’t contain cheese. I seems like it should be made with cheese, but it isn’t! Further, it says it is made with jalapenos, but it isn’t really spicy at all. I can sit down with a bag of corn chips and eat this dip for dinner, I kid you not.

This is made with GREEK yogurt. The calories hit is incredibly reasonable as compared to cheesy dips that I also enjoy but are not featured on this list (since I said top 10, not top 100).

Cuisine Adventures Spanakopita (48 Count)

This box of 48 pieces is a gift that just keeps giving. The pieces are small, so you could serve this as a appetizer when you have guests over, or you could do up a tray for yourself and the spouse.

As a working parent, it is pretty darn hard to make anything exciting for dinner after coming home from a long day doing all the THINGS. I tried to have at least a box or two of these in the deep freezer, so I could throw some in the oven (with a timer) while I cleaned or kept someone small from permanently injuring himself.

Once cool (yes, let them cool before giving them to kids), my children would actually eat them as well. Not a bad way to sneak some spinach in.

President Feta Cheese Crumbles

Feta cheese crumbles are a must have in the house. These can be used to jazz up just about anything. Egg scrambles. Salads. Pastas. Sandwiches. Just an all around player that lasts a long time in the fridge and packs a lot of value for the cost.

Wrap up

These are my top ten (and it is ever evolving). What are your Costco favorites, tried and true, that I should try? Let me know what you think I should pick up the next time I head over, in the comments.

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