New Parents’ Guide to Godparents


What does it mean to be or to have a godparent? All right, so someone very close to you has given you the nod. They’ve chosen you to be a godparent for their child. It is an honor representing that they have a level of trust in you that exceeds the average. It goes beyond … Read more

Baby Powder: Parents wonder, what’s the big deal?

baby powder

People are jumping up and down about baby powder. For parents who are new to the whole world of all the parenting things they need to know (and don’t), it can be confusing. They probably don’t even know what baby powder is, and they need to be prepared right from pregnancy to make judgments about … Read more

When should I buy a breastpump?

When you are pregnant for the first time, there are TONS of questions. So much of what happens to your body while pregnant and after you give birth is automatic and instinctual. There’s almost no way to adequately describe with words how things feel. But some things (like when to buy a breastpump) are questions … Read more

Pampers vs Huggies: A New Parent’s Guide

pampers vs huggies

Before you had a baby you may have thought “a diaper is a diaper, there really is not much difference.” Now that you have your own little bundle of joy and you want only the best for them and realize there is much more to a diaper. Its more than just an absorbent piece of … Read more

100 Breastfeeding Tips for First-Time Mothers

breastfeeding tips

There’s so much to know about breastfeeding! But don’t stress. I know you feel like you are flying in the dark. Or that your body is a stranger to you, doing things to you that you don’t understand. In this post, we’ve assembled 100 of the best tips out there about breastfeeding, to help guide … Read more