What Happens If you Cut Your Hair With Regular Scissors

There’s a lot of talk about whether it is okay to cut your hair with regular scissors. I will admit straight up that I am a frequent offender of just cutting my hair with whatever scissors I can find. When I was young, I trimmed split ends with my office scissors, and now that I am old, I trim my bangs and the ends of my hair with kitchen shears.

(let’s face it, I’m a mom and I don’t have time to go to the beauty shop right now, YES it is a travesty and NO I am not posting a picture of what my hair looks like RIGHT THIS INSTANT)

So what’s the big deal?

First, what’s the difference between regular scissors and hair cutting scissors?

Cut Your Hair With Regular Scissors

Hair cutting scissors are more appropriately called “shears.” There are lots of different types of shears, made for cutting hair, and also for use in the garden or in the kitchen.

Hair cutting shears are made for…well, cutting hair. You can get them in lots of different lengths, but many experts like shears that are no longer than 5.5 inches. Any longer, and the shears are too big to adeptly move around, or open and close without much pressure from the hands. In fact, if you are new to cutting hair, you’ll want to find the smallest shears you can, because big long blades can mean big long whoops cuts.

Hair cutting shears tend to be very sleek (meaning they aren’t thick and the handles are very minimal), and come with a pointed end so that you can get right in and make some very exact cuts. However, you can get them with a slightly rounded end if you are using them around children and individuals who can’t sit still. Some shears come with a “pinkie rest” on the end of one of the finger holes to give you more control while cutting.

But in truth, the primary different between hair cutting shears and regular kitchen scissors is that they are much, much sharper than your regular scissors. In fact, you wouldn’t want to use your shears for cutting other things around the house, like paper or string, at the risk of dulling the sharp edge.

So why can’t I use regular scissors to cut my hair? Why are shears better?

Cut Your Hair With Regular Scissors

Hair cutting experts argue that using dull tools to cut hair is asking to damage the ends of your hair. One of the analogies I saw was comparing hair to fabric. When you cut fabric with a dull pair of scissors, the edges of the fabric often being to fray, split, and generally look terrible.

Regular scissors tend to be dull, or at least duller than shears. As a result, it is very difficult to cut a straight line through hair with dull scissors.

I can actually attest that this is true. When using kitchen scissors to cut even a small amount of hair, I actually have to cut and cut and cut and cut to get through the lock of hair, sort of like if I was trying to cut a thick piece of rope. I have also tried the same amount of hair with shears and found them to cut right through the hair, like butter.

Yes, dull scissors definitely make it hard to get a good clean look (but I’m not bothered because I have really curly hair and I wear it in a pony tail all the time because I AM A MOM and who has time for that)

But the sum of the objections by professionals is that dull scissors make for dull and uneven haircuts that will need to be cleaned up way sooner than usual, and may even CAUSE split ends.

How do I know if the scissors are sharp enough?

Cut Your Hair With Regular Scissors

You can test your scissors or shears for sufficient sharpness for cutting hair by taking a piece of thread and doubling it up. Open the scissors and, with gentle pressure, run the doubled thread over one of the blades (without closing the scissors). The thread should cut easily. Then test the other blade. If the blades can cut doubled up thread without having to use much pressure on the thread, you can probably cut hair with them.

However, if you find that while cutting hair, you are opening and closing the scissors over and over to get through small amounts of hair, you need to sharpen them or get a sharper pair, because you are cutting hair with dull scissors.

Does it really matter then? Scissors or special hair cutting shears?

Honestly, from both personal experience and from my research, it seems to be that if you use a pair of scissors (of any kind) that are sufficiently sharp, you are all good, regardless of what purpose they were made for or sold for.

The recommendation is to get a pair of scissors for hair care and then ONLY use them for hair cuts and for nothing else to keep them sharp. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you buy a pair for $5 or $500, so long as they are easy to use in your hand and they are sharp enough.

What if I can’t find hair cutting shears?

Cut Your Hair With Regular Scissors

If you want a special pair of scissors for cutting hair but can’t find anything specific for hair, the next best bet would be to look for a pair of fabric scissors. They tend to be sharp, like hair cutting shears, and are made to be maneuvered delicately.

Is it okay to cut my own hair?

Sure! But you have to go about it with the right expectations. If you want to clean up your ends a bit or update your bangs to a soft look, you can probably get it done without too much trouble. But if what you want are some really exact lines, or you want something wild done to the areas of your head where you can’t see all that well, you are probably asking for trouble.

I’d recommend that you cut your own hair only when you don’t have a big event or photos coming up soon. Oh yeah, and don’t cut it too short, you want to leave some hair for the stylist to work with if you need someone to fix it! 😀

I jest, I jest. As I said, I cut my own hair a lot, because I don’t want to take the time to go to a salon or spend the money. No one sees my hair right now anyway! But I think the reason it works for me is that I don’t try to cut my bangs straight across my forehead, and I don’t have to worry about my hair being one length in the back. If I did need bangs or have straight hair, I’d be in a salon every time.

Cut Your Hair With Regular Scissors

Do you cut your own hair?

If so, let us know in the comments how that works out! What is your style, how do you do it? Let our readers know so that we can learn! Thanks everybody, we’ll catch you in the next article.