How to Raise a Street Smart Child

How to Raise a Street Smart Child

After years of living in (what I perceived to be) a bucolic suburb, I was thrown into an entirely different universe my freshman year of high school. Suddenly, my days of leaving the house without a worry in mind were gone. I’ll admit, it was a shock. Back then, I had no control over my … Read more

How to Deal with a Bad Coach

deal with bad coach

He’s at the thirty, the twenty, the ten … touchdown! And the crowd goes wild! That is, when all goes well in high school sports. Pick the game, you know the experience we feel as parents. We place our children on pedestals when it comes to high school sports. For many, it’s more than a … Read more

Should a parent withhold a child from the other parent?

withhold a child from the other parent

There are very few circumstances where it would be appropriate (or right) for a parent to withhold a child from the other parent. In most cases, the answer to this question would be no. Repercussions In the United States, the rights of parents are governed primarily by the laws of the individual states. The right … Read more

Working from Home with a Newborn

newborn baby held by mother

I knew when my daughter was born that I had to be home with her. In one regard, I am lucky. My career as a writer and editor gives me the option to work almost anywhere. Yet I know for some of you moms out there, it’s not quite so easy. Sure, you may be … Read more

Cord Tissue Banking Pros and Cons

Cord Tissue Banking Pros and Cons

Decisions, decisions. It seemed like pregnancy was all about decisions. Like, breastmilk or formula? I would second guess every decision made. Because there was so much happening, so fast. Nine months. Not a very long time. Considering I had taken two years to plan my wedding. Some decisions were easy: I chose to birth in … Read more

Sniffing Pine-Sol While Pregnant: Bad Idea?

In today’s article, we are talking about something non-pregos would laugh at. The topic of today is “sniffing pine-sol while pregnant.” Don’t laugh! When you are pregnant for the first time, you seriously wonder all the time whether simple things that you did every day before conception is actually causing serious harm. Oh, the memories… … Read more

Helping Your Child Handle Death: A Parent’s Guide

Helping Your Child Handle Death

The death of a loved one is never easy for a child to process. It can become harder when that loved one is cremated. Often, this means that the child never sees their loved one again. They must take the word of the adults around them that their loved one is gone forever. Helping your … Read more

Intuitive Parenting: I Found a Way to Reach My Child

Stories About Resilience For Kids

Intuitive Parenting is a hotly debated topic right now. Debra J Snyder’s book Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart describes her own journey against difficult odds to become an Intuitive Parent. Its discussions on telepathic communication on a deep level between parent and child seem out there and fringe to some. She … Read more