Social Goals for Preschoolers (A Guide For Parents)

Creating a safe open environment at home is the best way to foster social emotional growth in your preschooler. Preschoolers are rapidly developing social-emotional skills as they interact with other children. This frequently requires kids to learn to share, set boundaries by saying no, and learning to name their own emotions.  This article will give … Read more

Social Goals for Kindergarten (A Guide For Parents)

Children in kindergarten are developing self-awareness, social-awareness, social belonging and decision making. Children will continue to develop these skills throughout life, but the foundation is built in kindergarten.  These skills relate to how a child relates to themselves and how they relate to their peers.  Parents and teachers should look for students to grow in … Read more

5 Year Old Not Adjusting To Kindergarten: Should I Worry or Not?

child failing kindergarten

Is your child struggling in kindergarten? You are not alone. In the article that follows, we’ll discuss kindergarten standards and reasons why your child might be struggling to meet them. 5 Year Old Not Adjusting To Kindergarten Introduction If you are searching this query, then something must be happening in your life to cause it. … Read more

My First Grader Hates Homework

Does your first grader hate homework? Or is that just mine? Guess what….he isn’t the only one. I hate it too. And maybe that’s part of the problem. Was homework for first grade always a thing? Well, first of all, you should know that homework didn’t become such an essential part of education until relatively … Read more

Logical Consequences for Not Doing Homework?

I hate homework. Probably more than my kids do. Homework is a frustrating, time consuming, and questionable activity that children have been doing for ages. While the science and the teachers and the parents all differ on whether homework is really necessary…RIGHT NOW homework is a fact of life. Teachers assign it to the kids, … Read more