9 Strategies for Disruptive Behavior In the Classroom

Disruptive behavior in the classroom can make it difficult to build a positive classroom environment, difficult for students to learn and difficult for teachers to teach. Teachers should be sure to support the disruptive behaviors and have strategies to diffuse disruptive incidents.  Teachers may see a rise in disruptive behavior during difficult subjects or before … Read more

Small Gifts for Kindergarten Students (31+ Ideas)

Small gifts can be a great way to reward the meeting of a goal, stocking a classroom treasure box or make good party favors for a birthday party. Small gifts can be small snacks, toys or craft items.  Choose a variety of small gifts to create a great gift basket or goodie bag for a … Read more

Disruptive Kindergarten Behaviors (Troubleshooting and Tips To Deal With Them)

Children transitioning to kindergarten may display many off task behaviors; talking to friends, wandering around the room, aggression or not completing classwork. Teachers can manage these behaviors by teaching students strategies to manage conflict and self manage behaviors.  While external rewards and behavior modification programs may be successful for some students, teaching self regulation and … Read more

Gumption Traps (A Guide For Teachers and Parents)

Curious about gumptions traps (and how to get out of them?) In this post, you’ll learn where the term comes from, and how you can guide your students through them. Gumption Traps (What Are They?) Gumption is another term for motivation, momentum and excitement about a project. A gumption trap is an event or circumstance … Read more

17+ Birthday Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarteners love gifts that inspire imaginative play, building toys and learning toys. This gift guide will give you plenty of ideas for the next birthday party.  These gifts are sure to please! These are the gifts kids will want to unwrap at their birthday this year.  The links in this article to products are links … Read more

67+ Fun Riddles for Kindergarten Students (With Answers)

Riddles are great for lunchbox notes, dinner conversation or a road trip activity. These riddles for kindergarteners will get the whole family thinking and cracking up.   Riddles for Kindergarten Students with Answers Introduction Review these riddle options and pick out a mix of challenging and easier riddles to keep your child’s interest.  Solving a tough … Read more

SMART Goals for Kindergarten Students (A Guide)

In this article, you’ll learn all about SMART goals and how you can incorporate them into your kinder’s life. SMART Goals for Kindergarten Students (For Teachers and Parents) Kindergarten students can benefit from setting goals to help them see their progress as they learn and grow. SMART goals pair a goal with a way to … Read more

48+ Quotes for Kindergarten Students (and Teachers)

These beautiful quotes can decorate your child’s or add inspiration to your classroom. Words are so powerful.  Using Quotes for Kindergarten Students Quotes are great for wall art, classroom posters, t-shirts or letter boards.  Adding pictures to these quotes may help your kindergartener remember the meaning of the words and  make the posters more beautiful.  … Read more