My Child Has No Sense of Danger – HELP

my child has no sense of danger

Are you freaking out because your child scares the heck out of you all the time? Does he seem constantly in danger of death or dismemberment? Some kids seem to have no fear whatsoever. There’s no way to tell how a child is going to turn out, whether they will be cautious or headstrong. But … Read more

Kirkland Diapers Review (What Parents Think)

costco diaper

Are you using the Costco/Kirkland brand of diapers? Or thinking about switching? My family has used these diapers (and many other brands over the years). In this article, we’ll talk about Kirkland diapers, I’ll share our experience with the diapers, as well as what others seems to be saying based upon their experience. Who makes … Read more

My Son Dropped Out of College. Now what?

my son dropped out of college

Some of the hardest parenting moments I’ve ever had are the ones where I just have to sit back and watch my children make their own decisions. In most of the situations, I felt like I knew best what she should do. And it was downright PAINFUL to watch her choose the opposite of what … Read more