Kirkland Diapers Review (What Parents Think)

costco diaper

Are you using the Costco/Kirkland brand of diapers? Or thinking about switching? My family has used these diapers (and many other brands over the years). In this article, we’ll talk about Kirkland diapers, I’ll share our experience with the diapers, as well as what others seems to be saying based upon their experience. Who makes … Read more

My Son Dropped Out of College. Now what?

my son dropped out of college

Some of the hardest parenting moments I’ve ever had are the ones where I just have to sit back and watch my children make their own decisions. In most of the situations, I felt like I knew best what she should do. And it was downright PAINFUL to watch her choose the opposite of what … Read more

Toddler Tantrums after Daycare: A Guide for Struggling Parents

Toddler Tantrums after Daycare

When you start your first child in any sort of care situation (nanny, care facility, preschool), emotions can run really high. Fear, guilt, stress, anxiety. It is the conundrum of working parents: how to be the parents we want to be while also paying the bills and advancing our careers. Like many of you, being … Read more

My Toddler is Scared to Go to Sleep Alone: What Can a Parent Do?

scared to sleep

I’d barely left the room when my son’s cries started. Again, like the previous night, another meltdown when the lights were turned out. We had followed our routine. First, a nice bath. Then a few of his favorite books. We read them together, laughing and letting our imaginations bring the stories to life. Yet, my … Read more

How to Deal with a Manipulative Step-Daughter: Tips For a New Step-Parent

Manipulative Step-Daughter

You’re older now, and have finally settled into the relationship that you just know is the one. Problem is, you’re not alone in that relationship. That’s right, that perfect someone will be bringing their children into the relationship. If you’ve never dealt with children in your own life, you may be up against a steep … Read more