What is a good bedtime routine for toddlers?

young child lying in bed with mother

Establishing a solid bedtime routine for a toddler incredibly important. Not just so that your little boy or girl can get a good night’s rest, but also so that YOU as the parent can rest and recharge. Work backwards to build your structure There’s no right or wrong routine at bedtime. But if you are … Read more

Toddler Diaper Change Tantrums: A Survival Guide

Here it comes. Another toddler diaper change tantrum. Cue the music. Hear that, “Flight of the Valkyries,” humming in the background? It’s a stalemate, and you’ve been losing. No one is gaining ground. My little guy is holding on to that little bit of personal turf. As long as he doesn’t budge, that sagging diaper … Read more

Parent’s Guide to Language, Speech and Listening Development

While there is a broad spectrum of normal, there is a general expectation of when and how you’ll see language speech and listening development in kids. Below, I have written out a rough estimate of what will occur, and when. Remember, these are the milestones. Children will reach these in their own time, in their … Read more