Funny Responses to Compliments Everyone Can Use

Here’s a round up of my favorite funny responses to compliments (along with a few that are silly, witty and sincere. Use them at will. Enjoy them. Leave us your favorites in the comments, and I’ll add any good ones to the text of this post.

Funny responses to compliments that praise your looks:

  • I got this from my mother
  • But you, yours steals the show every time
  • Is that the best you’ve got
  • I clean up nice, don’t I
  • Look who is talking
  • Amazing what showering can do for you
  • Thanks, I woke up like this
  • Oh, such discerning eyes
  • Much obliged!
  • Sorry what? I was too busy thinking about how gorgeous I am
  • Oh, did you mean great in bed? Because, yes, I am

  • I’m warning you, I’m too hot to handle
  • Oh, stop it, you
  • Must be the tapeworm
  • Take a number
  • Your boyfriend thinks so too

Funny responses to compliments that praise your intelligence:

  • Thanks, but I’m actually dumb as a rock
  • Maybe, but I’ve met people who are a lot smarter
  • Thanks, but if you knew me better, you would definitely not say that
  • I try to be, but it’s tough going these days
  • Not yet, but I’ll let you know when it happens
  • I see I’ve fooled you too
  • You know what? I like you
  • Please vote for me in the next election

Funny responses to compliments to used on lots of different occasions:

  • I’m a lot _____ when you are around
  • Thanks, fan!
  • You’ll get there, eventually
  • How much do you want
  • Could you say that again
  • So I have been told

  • The genie finally granted me wish
  • Thanks, but not for sale
  • Shut up, baby, I know
  • Cool story bro

  • I heard you were going on stage at a comedy club tonight, I had no idea you were that funny
  • I get that a lot
  • Hashtag blessed
  • Wish I could say the same about you

Sincere Responses to compliments (it helps to have a few of these ready at all times):

  • Thank you so much
  • Looking forward to wishing you the same
  • I am flattered
  • Thanks so nice/sweet of you

  • How kind of you to say so
  • Well, I had help
  • You are very perceptive
  • Coming from you, I’m flattered

Here’s a good one:

Okay, I admit it, I purposefully didn’t respond to you right away, but that’s only because I like you a lot and I don’t want to make it obvious that you are the most exciting part of my life.

And just because it is funny, I was surfing around Amazon and came across a shirt I thought was funny (and could be good to flash if you can’t figure out what to say in response). Check out the shirt and let me know what you think! (am I the only one who thinks it is funny?)

(Disclosure: The link above is a link that goes to Amazon. It is an Amazon affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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How to respond to compliments (generally)

When someone gives you a compliment, it can make the interaction a little awkward if you don’t know what to say in response. How you respond to a compliment really depends on what the situation is when the compliment is given.

If you are given a compliment by someone at work, school, in a professional capacity, or by someone in the public your respect, it is best to acknowledge the compliment and respond with sincerity, rather than with humor. Respond with “thank you very much” or “you are very kind to say so.” Don’t act embarrassed or awkward, even if the compliment made you feel awkward.

However, in some cases, compliments are not appropriate. It is not appropriate for men to compliment women too much on their appearance in a professional capacity, at work or at school, and any compliments on physical appearance in these situations should probably be accepted graciously but minimized.

How do you graciously accept a compliment?

My favorite is to look at the complimenter in the face, smile (without showing my teeth), and say “thank you, it is kind of you to say so.”

How do you respond to a flirty compliment?

How you respond depends upon the situation and whether you are attracted to the person as well. If you are in a situation where a flirty compliment is not appropriate, or you do not want to be receiving flirty compliments, you may not respond at all, or just minimally.

However, if you are given a compliment that is flirty by someone you also want to flirt with, this is the prime time to hit them back with an awesome compliment as well. Acknowledge theirs, and then fire something back. It would be appropriate for it to be sincere, or clever, as you are trying to let them know that you 1. like them and 2. are quite clever and they should like you a lot because of it.

How to Respond to an Instagram Compliment

What to say in response generally depends upon what they have to say. If the comment is one that is spammy or self-serving or self-promotional, than if you choose to leave the comment (rather than delete it), I might not respond or even respond very briefly. I don’t like to respond to self-promo compliments because it moves those compliments up where people can see them better on social media a lot.

If the comment is a genuine one, meaning they actually read or looked at your post, and really appreciated it, I would respond with a simple thank you, but make sure to include their username in your reply so that it goes directly to them and let’s them know that you appreciate their comment specifically.

In general, even on social media, when someone takes out the time of their day to say something nice and genuine to you, it is best to return the amount of effort in kind. If the compliment comment was long and reflective, I would put more effort into the response. But if all they said was “great post” then all I would say in response is “thanks!”

Or you could try how dare you.

Enjoy yourself? Find anything you can use! Leave us your best comebacks in the comments for everyone to enjoy!