Will Breastfeeding Induce Labor?

Will Breastfeeding Induce Labor

This is a great question, actually. While most websites and articles you find across the internet make the claim that breastfeeding and/or nipple stimulation won’t kick start labor, there are a surprising number of studies on the issue. Further, there is actually some good data out there that nipple stimulation (like breastfeeding) could in fact … Read more

Will Breastfeeding Cause Miscarriage?

This is a tough question to answer definitively. If you have searched for breastfeeding and miscarriage together, you are either in a situation where you are thinking about pregnancy, are pregnant already (and feeling worried), or you were pregnant and you want to understand why it happened. Generally, the answer is no, breastfeeding won’t cause … Read more

Will Breastfeeding Reduce The Size of My Breasts?

Your breasts will go through a number of changes when you are pregnant, nursing, and weaning, and many women worry about what their breasts will look like when they are breastfeeding and when they are finished breastfeeding. If you are worried about your breasts reducing in size during or after breastfeeding then there is both … Read more

Will Breastfeeding Hurt?

Can Breastfeeding Cause Acne

Many new mothers are afraid of breastfeeding before the baby comes (and the rest of them just have no idea at all what breastfeeding entails). While most of us women have had breasts since puberty, those breasts have never been called to actually do anything except fill out a shirt or make a statement. Soon-to-be … Read more

Will Breastfeeding Stop My Period?

Will Breastfeeding Stop My Period

Woman, I sometimes wish I could make my period stop forever. There are a lot of factors to consider when you are wondering if breastfeeding will stop your period. Unsurprisingly, there is a very large range of what is considered a normal time frame for women to get their period back after having given birth … Read more

Intuitive Parenting: I Found a Way to Reach My Child

Stories About Resilience For Kids

Intuitive Parenting is a hotly debated topic right now. Debra J Snyder’s book Intuitive Parenting: Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart describes her own journey against difficult odds to become an Intuitive Parent. Its discussions on telepathic communication on a deep level between parent and child seem out there and fringe to some. She … Read more

My Daughter Is Mean: An Introduction to RAD

My Daughter Is Mean

“I believe she has Reactive Attachment Disorder.” It was a bright cold January afternoon. We were meeting with my new daughter’s therapist at my kitchen table. I had no idea how much those words would define my life. Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD was the diagnosis. It would also be the first step in a … Read more

When to Start Weaning Baby Off Formula

When to Start Weaning Baby Off Formula

Weaning of any kind can be a stressful transition for either or both parent and child. But how do you know when to start weaning baby off formula? If you’ve poked around a bit on the net, you have seen that weaning from the bottle can cause tantrum build up, anxiety and emotional fixations towards … Read more