How To Put Yourself Up For Adoption

How To Put Yourself Up For Adoption

This is a curious query. How do I put myself up for adoption? I’m definitely wondering why you have searched for this topic. But without going there, let’s look at whether it is even possible. Let’s start here… One of the initial considerations is how old you are. As an adult, you have significantly more … Read more

Is Lyme disease dangerous during pregnancy?

pregnant woman sitting next to a pair of tiny shoes

People LOVE to pass around information calculated to terrify you as a pregnant or want-to-be pregnant woman. It’s almost like everything you do while pregnant could be construed as abuse of your unborn child (yoga, weight-lifting, coffee, cheese, wheat, relations with your partner, running, walking, breathing deep….). It can feel ridiculous after a while. If … Read more

Parent’s Guide to Language, Speech and Listening Development

While there is a broad spectrum of normal, there is a general expectation of when and how you’ll see language speech and listening development in kids. Below, I have written out a rough estimate of what will occur, and when. Remember, these are the milestones. Children will reach these in their own time, in their … Read more