Making Money Blogging As a Beginner (My Story)

Looking to get started blogging? In this post, you’ll hear my story, and learn from my mistakes. Making Money Blogging As a Beginner (My Experience) In April of 2019, I decided to start a blog.  Well, I should say, a new blog. In fact, the very blog we are talking about is this one, right … Read more

Is it Okay to Drink Day Old Coffee?

Is it Okay to Drink Day-Old Coffee

There’s no doubt that coffee is one of the most popular and widely consumed drinks all around the world. People just love the comforting boost of energy that this beverage can provide. One of the worst feelings in the world is walking over to the coffee station in your office only to discover that new … Read more

How To Keep Baby Cool in the Summertime

how to keep baby cool in the summertime

As a new parent, it can be a challenge to take care of every single thing needed by your baby. You may not even realize how your baby differs from you, especially as it relates to being able to handle moving from cool to warm (or even hot) weather. Not only that, (unsurprisingly, baby skin … Read more

Bleach and Urine: Bad? Deadly? Really?

You may have heard the rumble about mixing bleach and vinegar, and also about mixing bleach and ammonia. And maybe, like me, you’ve left the bleach soaking in the toilet for a while after cleaning it, and maybe even thriftily waiting to flush it again until the next person pees in it. Yes, I admit … Read more

How to Overcome Scopophobia

How to overcome scopophobia

In today’s article, we are talking about scopophobia, what it is, and how you can help yourself or someone else overcome it. First, what is scopophobia? Scopophobia is an anxiety disorder which can manifest in varied degrees (meaning that some people have it worse than others). A person with scopophobia experiences real and significant fear … Read more

Is It Bad to Be a Loner?

Is It Bad to Be a Loner

What is a loner? A Loner with a capital L. The dictionary says it is a person who likes to be alone. Or to not associate with other people. Synonyms include outsider, hermit, introvert, and recluse. Before I go on to talk more about loners, I find myself wondering what you are doing here, on … Read more

Is It Bad To Be Shy?

is it bad to be shy

Is it a bad thing to be shy and quiet? As I type this, (and before I go on), I find myself wondering what you are doing here, on this article, at this website. Are you looking to figure out something about yourself? Maybe get a better idea who you are? Or perhaps you are … Read more

Should I Date a Single Mom?

Should I Date a Single Mom

Dating a single mother isn’t always easy. But the answer to your question (should I date a single mom) depends upon you. What you value, and what you are looking for in your relationship. There isn’t just one answer (like YES or NO) for everyone. To make the decision, it helps to understand a bit … Read more